45 Paleo Recipes You Can Make with Pumpkin

45 Paleo Pumpkin Recipes

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We just wanted to let you know that we’ve updated our old pumpkin recipes post with even more great recipes! Due to a big increase in pumpkin recipes shared by our fabulous contributors here on the site, we had a lot of new recipes to share! So … I think it’s safe to say some people might look forward to pumpkin season more than Christmas. Fall is the ultimate free-for-all on anything pumpkin. Cookies, chili, bars, cinnamon rolls, you name it; someone is making a pumpkin recipe for it. If you’re a pumpkin fanatic (which you should be), here are a TON of grain-free recipes you can try this fall. Enjoy!

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We hope you enjoy this Pumpkin Recipe Roundup!


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    1. October 11, 2015

      All of these recipes look so good. I don’t know where to begin! (Maybe by stockpiling pumpkin puree!)

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