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Our FREE online mobile friendly Paleo meal planner!


Did you know that with our mobile friendly myKitchen FREE paleo meal planning tool you can choose from 11 FREE 1 week pre-populated meal plans. Yes, all this is FREE to you!


Choose from Whole 30, Keto, Paleo, AIP, and Sugar Free Plans.


You can add-to the meal plans, and modify them to fit your needs, and even include your own easy to UPLOAD recipes. With over 2500 recipes on our site, the meal planning possibilities are limitless!


CHOOSE your meal plan > customize or create your own > let your meal planning begin.

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What is myKitchen?


myKitchen is a powerful, interactive, and mobile-friendly Paleo Meal Planner that allows you to drag and drop your favorite recipes into a fully customizable meal plan, which also generates a shopping list for you!


How to use myKitchen


1. Register or Login for PrimalPalate.com

You will receive a verification email, which contains a special link you’ll need to follow to complete the registration process.


2. View any recipe on our site and click  the gold “+”  to add a recipe to myKitchen

These will be stored as favorites, which you can use in the meal planner. (You can also upload your own recipes)



3. Click “myKitchen” in the top menu to access the meal planner

View myKitchen to see your favorite recipes and any meal planning you’ve been working on. You can even save what you’ve been working on by clicking “Save all menus” under myMenus.



4. Select a meal plan, or create your own

To create your own, just drag and drop recipes from Recipes (your saved favorites) to Meal Plans

Your recipes are organized by category, and provide you with quick information to help make meal planning easier. You’ll see how much each recipe makes (which you can change), how long it’ll take to make the recipe, and there is also a quick link to view the recipe easily. Hover over a recipe to reveal an “X” which will allow you to delete it.



5. Customize the plan!

• Change serving sizes

• Rearrange days

• Add or delete days

In the Meal Plans (center column), you can change serving sizes of recipes, and it will reflect updated values in your shopping list. You can also add or delete days, and rearrange them. If you want to do a whole month’s meal planning in one shot, go for it! It could also be equally useful if you are planning a large get together. Simply add recipes to myKitchen, drag them into the meal planner, increase the serving size, then print or email the shopping list to yourself. It couldn’t be easier!



6. Generate a Shopping List

• Add additional ingredients

• Delete ingredients you already have

• Print your list, or email it to yourself!

In the right column, you’ll see ingredients you need organized by type. If you know you have a certain ingredient, you can delete it from the shopping list to avoid confusion. Once you’re ready, click Print or email it yourself.


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We want everyone to know about and to enjoy this free tool! You won’t find a better meal planner online!

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Health Benefits of Paleo

Following the Paleo diet has helped countless people achieve:

  • Balanced energy all day long
  • Clearer skin
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Stabilize their blood sugar
  • Burn off extra stored body fat
  • Fewer headaches and brain fog


We know the positive effect a Paleo lifestyle can have because we experience it firsthand every day.  We also know that any transition period-whether it be for a diet, lifestyle, or personal change-can be difficult.  The switch to Paleo may be one of the best things we have ever done for ourselves, and now we want to help as many people as possible to do the same.

Once you see results, you’ll never look back!

We believe that after one month of eating wholesome foods our bodies were designed to eat, you will have no desire to go back to your old ways.  Why?  Because this is the first way of eating where you will eat delicious, mouth-watering meals and the mirror will still thank you.  It’s a diet that will make you feel proud for the nutrients you are putting in your body, rather than filling it with harmful chemicals and processed foods.  It will leave you feeling strong, energized, and focused; rather than weak or deprived. And for all those reasons, it’s anything BUT a “diet.” If you want to try Paleo for 30 or 60 days, we will give you the tools to do so.  All we ask from you is the motivation to commit.  How do you find motivation?  By seeing results.  How do you get results?  By sticking to a plan.