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I love fall and winter holidays. Anything that involves gatherings with friends and family and delicious comfort food. Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the year, and Halloween is special to me as well because I happen to LOVE candy (I get that from my mama). We were reminiscing last night about Halloween when I was little. My mom never bought us costumes, she always made them herself, and they were pretty amazing. My favorites were the Tinker Bell costume she made for me, an Ariel costume, a cavewoman costume (which won a contest!), and Pippi Longstocking. The Pippi Longstocking was great, because she braided my hair, and stuck a clothes hanger through it, so my braids stuck out to the sides. I need to try to find the photos, but unfortunately I don’t know where they are.


There was one year that I saved my Halloween candy in my closet, and ate it whenever I wanted some. It lasted until summer, which is pretty gross, and also shocking to me that I had that much self control. My step mom found it all when she decided to clean my bedroom closet for me while I was at school. That’s what I get for not being more organized. So long candy!


Halloween to me means a crockpot full of something warm and comforting, my Aunt always makes chili or pulled pork, and hanging out waiting for kids to show up in their funny costumes. Our little Shih Tzu, Charlie, loves Halloween. He sits on the back of the couch, and looks out the window barking at all of the kids. Then he runs to the door when it rings and cries because he wants to greet all of the kids. Our house has about 6 steps that go down to our front door, and Charlie never learned to go down those steps, so he just sits at the top and throws a temper tantrum. I will add that he knows how to do stairs, but for whatever reason, he’s afraid of the few we have. Bill and I participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project, and we are big advocates for it, of course! We always make sure we have candy that is safe for kids to eat when they visit our home on Halloween.


This year I have a few recipes that I’m looking forward to enjoying, and I thought they would help inspire you for your Halloween festivities. Whether you are staying at home with your family, going to a friend or relatives home, or hosting a trick or treat party, there is something in here that you could make and bring or serve!


-Warm and comforting main dishes-




-Halloween Treats-



I hope these recipes inspire you to make something delicious, and we hope you and your family have a safe and fun Halloween!




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