Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes (and other main dishes)

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For this week’s Paleo Thanksgiving recipe roundup we are focusing on the star of the table, the Meats & Main dishes. From the classic turkey, to options for non-Turkey eaters, like duck, pork, salmon or beef. Choose any of these recipes from our fabulous contributor collections as a sure way to celebrate your holiday.


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Check out the recipes below from our fabulous contributors, save the ones you like to ‘myKitchen‘ for easy meal planning, and enjoy!

Bill & Hayley



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(And other poultry recipes easily adapted to Turkey)

And don’t forget the gravy!

Non-Turkey Main Dishes

When we were doing a Thanksgiving cooking demo last week at ConnectedHealth, we were reminded that some people have poultry allergies. Thanksgiving must be a tough holiday for those people, because it’s an all-or-nothing situation with Turkey. However, even in our own family, we have family members who do not eat Turkey. Perhaps you have some people in your family like that too, for one reason or another. So in the spirit of inclusiveness, we’ve selected these other amazing main dishes as options for your Thanksgiving feast!



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