Grain-free French Dip Sandwich

This year has been marked by an epic streak of paleo-friendly baking creations. We kicked off the year with a trio of indulgent recipes: gluten-free poptarts, sugar cookies, and chocolate chip cookie ice cream cups made with our Cappello’s cookie dough! We then shifted slightly more savory with everything waffles. Then went full savory and worked on an epic pizza crust recipe (which we might do a live demo of soon). A revamp of our coconut cake followed quickly, then a new English muffin recipe. Then we shared awesome burger buns and breakfast sandwich buns. You could say this recipe rounds out the bun extravaganza of this summer: an elongated bun for a French Dip sandwich.



We’ve always enjoyed the French Dip: a delicious roast beef sandwich that is dipped into delicious au jus pan drippings. We knew our bun recipe would be perfect to use for a French Dip, so that part of the recipe was actually a no-brainer. The only thing we needed to pay attention to was creating a longer bun. For the roast beef, we used Eye of the Round – dusted it in Cassava flour, and then seared it in our Instant Pot. After doing that, we gave it a healthy sprinkle of our French Onion Seasoning Mix, which was JUST the ticket for making the beef totally and utterly delicious. From there, we added some beef stock (or broth) and cooked it on high pressure for 60 minutes.



In writing this post, I did some research into the history of the French Dip sandwich, and found out that credit for its creation is heavily contested by two restaurants, both in LA.  There’s a lot of confusion about how the French Dip came about, with stories ranging from “a cook dropped a sandwich into a pan of drippings” (uh, gross), to a chef trying to create a sandwich for a customer with sensitive gums (slightly less gross). Thankfully, the sandwich has far evolved into this gorgeous creation that you can dip as little or as much as you’d like into the au jus.


Also in case you were wondering, there is nothing really French about a French Dip sandwich. This isn’t even really a thing in France. Perhaps the only connection is the shape of the bread, looking a bit like French bread. Go figure.



We made the “roast” beef in the instant pot, which turned out to be so smart. It was so quick and easy to make.




-Bill & Hayley


French Dip Sandwich

French Dip Sandwiches became popular almost 100 years ago in Los Angeles, and gradually made their way across the country. This delicious sandwich is filled with roast beef and melted Swiss cheese. The best part, though, is dipping it into the delicious "au jus" that is always served with the sandwich.

Serves: 4

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Note, these instructions are written assuming the standard serving size, since you have modified the number of servings, these steps may need to be modified for best results
  1. Prepare the burger buns according to the recipe. You can choose to mold them into more of a hoagie shape for this recipe, but forming them into regular buns will be just as delicious.
  2. Turn your instant pot onto the saute feature, adding one tablespoon of olive oil to the instant pot.
  3. Coat the roast in the cassava flour, and sear the roast on all sides, about 2 minutes per side, just enough to brown nicely.
  4. Once the roast is seared, turn the saute feature off, and season with one tablespoon of our Primal Palate French Onion Spice Mix.
  5. Add in the beef broth, seal the Instant Pot, and set the instant pot for 60 minutes on manual.
  6. Once the roast has finished cooking, you can do the quick pressure release, and transfer the roast to a cutting board.
  7. While the roast is cooling, turn the Instant Pot back on to saute with the lid off, and reduce the liquid in the Instant Pot by about an inch, stirring often. Transfer to small dipping dishes.
  8. Toast the buns, and top the bottom half of the bun with a few thin slices of the roast, and a slice of swiss cheese. Place in the oven, to broil the cheese if desired.
  9. Place the top of the bun onto your sandwich, and serve with a small bowl of the reduced "au jus" on the side.


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