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Salmon Cakes with Garlic Chive Aioli

After having some delicious crab cakes over the holidays last year, I set out to make an equally tasty recipe for salmon cakes. These cakes are perfect for a party, or just to spice up a weekly meal with something that seems a bit more ‘fancy.’ We top our salmon cakes with a squeeze of lemon jui... View Recipe

Air Fryer Paleo Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets were one of my favorite foods as a child. Making them in a healthy way is always a fun treat to relive those childhood memories. We used Pork Panko to "bread" these nuggets in a low carb, paleo way. We added our New Bae seasoning for a kick, and fried them up in the Air Fryer for qui... Read More | View Recipe

Cherry Almond Muffins

These Cherry Almond Muffins are a fun treat to make any time of year, but we made them as a healthy treat for Valentine's Day. You can use fresh or frozen cherries for this recipe, which means you can enjoy them in any season! Top with unsweetened whipped cream, and a fresh cherry on top. Read More | View Recipe

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Citrus Dressing

Roasted sweet potatoes are a versatile side dish, nicely complementing everything from steak to eggs (and everything in between). This dish is light on the palate from the addition of lemon juice and zest, brightening up any meal. We included this recipe in our latest cookbook: Make it Paleo 2 (find... View Recipe

French Onion Twice Baked Potatoes

We enhanced the flavor of already delicious cheesy twice baked potatoes, by seasoning them with our French Onion Seasoning. Onion, garlic, and herbs enhance the flavors of these creamy loaded potatoes, and are an easy, but delicious food to have on a cold night, or to serve for guests to enjoy for a... Read More | View Recipe

Porcini-crusted Lamb Chops

The cozy, aromatics in this recipe make it the perfect wintertime dish. This simple, one-pan dish also happens to be perfect for anyone doing a Whole30! Make it next time you want to impress dinner guests without having to go all out in the kitchen. View Recipe

Gluten-free Suppli (fried risotto balls)

Suppli is a classic Roman street food: little fried balls of risotto with "surprises" of mozzarella cheese in the middle. This recipe is my interpretation of Suppli, drawing upon some of my favorite ingredients in the kitchen and remixing the classic recipe. The result is an umami-rich take on this ... Read More | View Recipe

Sheet Pan Chicken and Lemon Herb Veggies

Our Seafood Seasoning is wonderful on chicken, pork, lamb, and roasted vegetables. This easy sheet pan dish is full of flavor from the colorful vegetables, and the lemon herb Seafood Seasoning. Enjoy this easy, comforting meal for lunch of dinner all winter long. Read More | View Recipe

Homemade Gluten-free Thanksgiving Stuffing

A revision to our classic "Best Ever Grain-free Stuffing" - we've made this recipe using our new Samsung Flex Duo range, which was a game changer for this special holiday recipe! Thanksgiving is all about juggling multiple dishes, and the double oven functionality really made things easy! Read More | View Recipe

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