Smoky Ham and No-Bean Soup

My mom used to make a ham soup when I was little that just epitomized Autumn for me. I can still taste the salty, hickory flavor. It had big white beans and we ate it with a crusty, buttered baguette. But now, legumes are dead to me. And crusty bread...welllllll, it only rears it's naughty head every great once in a while. I created this simple recipe last Fall when I had a reminiscent hankering for home. This makes a big batch, and I love that. Plenty to share with those you love. It also has simple ingredients. Choose whole and quality ones.
15 minutes
25 minutes
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    1. In your favorite and most love-infused Soup pot (large), saute onion and 2 carrots in olive oil over medium heat. Add a healthy pinch of salt and pepper and stir until tender, translucent.
    2. Add about half of the sweet potatoes and the chopped cauliflower, and stir until combined. Once combined, add bone broth and ham hock.
    3. Let simmer on medium low until potatoes are soft and your kitchen's scent is overwhelming.
    4. Remove ham hock. With emulsion blender stick, blend soup ingredients.
    5. Add the remaining sliced carrots and diced sweet potatoes and simmer until they are tender. Taste test to make sure you're en pointe with salt and pepper. You can add more liquid smoke here, if you like.
    6. Finally, add chopped ham. Remove from heat, serve and enjoy. Goes well with some Van Morrison in the background!

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