Fish Tacos with Smoky Slaw (recipe from Make It Paleo 2)

This recipe is one of our favorites from our new cookbook, Make It Paleo 2. We love it for it's balance and fresh flavors... this dish is super refreshing during the summer when the slaw ingredients are in season. If you don't want to go all-in, this would be great in lettuce cups instead of the tortillas, giving it an additional pop of crunch and lightness. If you love this recipe, get your hands on a copy of Make It Paleo 2 (http://bit.ly/MakeItPaleo2)
1 hour to 2 hours
5 minutes
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Fat:23 g
Carbohydrates:37 g
Protein:18 g
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Serves: 4

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  1. In a mixing bowl, combine the marinade ingredients. Place the tuna steaks in a sealable container or zip-top plastic bag with the marinade, swirl to evenly coat the tuna, and refrigerate for 1–2 hours.
  2. Prepare the tortillas and slaw.
  3. Heat a heavy skillet over medium heat until hot. Lightly swirl a small amount of the cooking fat of your choice in the skillet. Sear the tuna on all sides, about 90 seconds per side.
  4. Slice the seared tuna. Bring the dish together by plating slices of tuna over a tortilla. Top with some slaw, cilantro leaves, and a squeeze of lime juice.


Since the center of the tuna will be undercooked, purchasing good-quality fish is very important.

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