Dinosaur Kale Herb Sauce

SO good on top of meat, veggies, eggs, etc.
10 minutes
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Fat:9 g
Carbohydrates:1 g
Protein:0 g
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Serves: 12

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  1. Chop/tear dinosaur kale leaves into thirds and place in food processor. Blend until it is chopped finely.
  2. Next, add 1/2 cup packed basil into food processor and blend with kale. Follow the same directions with 1/8 cup rosemary and then 1/8 cup thyme.
  3. ** At this point, you should have the kale, basil, rosemary and thyme all blended together in the food processor. They should be chopped finely.
  4. Add in 1/2 cup EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and blend again. If desired, add another 1/8 cup of EVOO for a more liquid sauce and blend.
  5. Add in 1/2 of a small shallot; it is best if you cut it into 2-3 pieces so it is easier to process. Blend until shallot has been finely chopped and incorporated into mixture.
  6. Add in 1/2 tsp herb salt and 1 tsp regular salt. If you donu2019t not have herb salt, add 1.5 tsp regular salt. Blend until well incorporated.
  7. Serve this sauce with fish, meat, eggs or veggies! Store in fridge in a mason jar or other closed container.

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