Almond Flour Pancakes

We've been making Almond Flour Pancakes for years, continually improving this recipe. Our latest update to the recipe greatly improves both texture and flavor, with a twist for fall!
10 minutes
10 minutes
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Fat:33 g
Carbohydrates:1371 g
Protein:11 g
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Serves: 4

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  1. Pour the almond flour, cassava flour, salt, baking soda, Apple Pie Spice, Vanilla, almond milk, and eggs in a high speed blender (or food processor). Blend until smooth.
  2. Peel and dice the apple. In a skillet, saute the diced apple with our Cinnamon Sugar Cookie blend and 1 Tbsp butter, for about 10-15 minutes over medium / medium low heat.
  3. While the apple is sauteing, heat 1 Tbsp of butter in a separate large skillet over medium heat. Using 1/8 cup, scoop batter into the frying pan, leaving enough space in between pancakes to flip. Flip after 2-3 minutes. Add additional butter as needed as you continue making pancakes.
  4. Top the pancakes with the sauteed apples, and maple syrup (as desired).

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  1. GreenMaMa
    March 24, 2012

    I just made these this morning and they are amazing. I was afraid that they would come out too “cracker” like but they are soft and so flavorful! My husband says that they are his favorite pancakes ever, even over normal flour ones. One thing I did notice that I would sugguest is that you keep extra butter on hand while you’re cooking as the initial batch really soaked up the table spoon, leaving not a lot for flipping. Other wise, super simple and tasty!

  2. mickiegibbs
    August 12, 2012

    I just tried to make this recipe through your app and all the measurements are wrong! it says 8 eggs, 3 cups of flour, 2 Tbs of extract and so on. My pancakes are ruined and I’m all out of ingredients.
    Your app sucks!
    this site won’t even let me rate this recipe with one start. It’s automatically giving it 5 stars. WTF.

  3. mickiegibbs
    August 25, 2012

    Very good! Once I got the pan hot enough, they cooked like a dream. And with a touch of maple syrup, they were delish. Very easy, too.

  4. dani36
    November 26, 2012

    These were good but I’ve had some that mix the almond flour with coconut flour and they were better.

  5. daphne
    January 6, 2013

    Mine came out rather rubbery and dense. Any idea what I may have done wrong? Maybe the brand of almond flour? Maybe my two eggs were too small?

  6. lfox
    January 12, 2013

    These were delicious! I made them as instructed but used my nonstick griddle instead and they turned out perfect. I did put some coconut oil on the griddle to prevent sticking but I’m not sure if it would have mattered if I didn’t. I also spread the batter out slightly once on the griddle so they cooked evenly. Topped them with a little raw almond butter and a touch of maple syrup before serving to the fam. It was a hit!

  7. kittyk
    January 27, 2013

    Question? What Is BLANCHED almond flout?

  8. korkyrogers
    February 2, 2013

    Yum! I left out the spices to make a more neutral pancake to be eaten with eggs, bacon and raw honey. OMG! Lovely, easy recipe! It’s a keeper!

  9. bluemotion
    February 10, 2013

    Going to try this for breakfast tomorrow morning. Fortunately
    I have all the ingredients needed.

  10. Jennifer Golda
    February 23, 2013

    This recipe was wonderful. Next time I’ll use a smidge less water but they came out fluffy and tasty, and with a bit of butter and a small drizzle of honey I was immensely satisfied.

  11. paleoinpractice
    July 1, 2013

    Tried this for breakfast this morning, yum!! I ran out of vanilla so left that out, but they were still delicious. Easy and quick, will definitely keep this recipe!

  12. YHWHreigns
    July 14, 2013

    I made these for my children for breakfast this morning. I used oat flour and almond flour. I also put real butter and real maple syrup on top. They loved them! Filled them up quickly too!

  13. tassiezac
    August 24, 2013

    I made these after finding some almond meal (exactly 1 3/4 cups, would you believe) in the freezer. I had made the meal myself weeks ago and had frozen the left over, but the meal was from unblanched almonds, and was very uneven, some quite gritty, and some almost at almond butter stage. As a result the first pancake fell apart when I tried to turn it, so I added another egg, and the next two were a little better, but still very fragile and messy. Oddly enough the remaining pancakes all held together perfectly and looked perfect, like pictures out of a pancake magazine. I ate a messy one and a perfect one with a little date mixture on them for a delicious breakfast, both tasted wonderful. The remaining 6 will be sandwiched together with date spread and frozen. They are really filling, too. Lovely pancakes, even with my slapdash almond flour.

  14. September 28, 2013

    Very tasty! I also have the app and it says, “2 eggs”, mickiegibbs must have misread the 8 eggs

  15. gloria
    October 11, 2013

    Made 1/2 the amount. Not to impressed with this recipe, they did cook up looking better than the photo.
    Seems like they get better as they cool but still not impressive. Used a little natural organtic
    Maple syrup.

  16. fsabbagh
    December 15, 2013

    I made these pancakes and they came out pretty good. Only thing is they don’t hold at all. I would call them “Scrambled Pancakes”. đŸ˜‰

    1. December 16, 2013

      I would recommend first checking your proportions with the recipe. If they’re spot on, consider using a different brand of Almond Flour. We us Honeyville Almond Meal Four. Here’s a link: http://amzn.to/1bTSlKf

  17. February 12, 2014

    I have made several different versions of these pancakes and this is by far the best recipe!!! I only made enough for two, and the ingredients were perfect! I definitely will make again!

  18. arickhoff
    February 23, 2014

    I tried with regular gluten free baking flour and did not have great results. I will try again with almond flour.

  19. jerseygirlrachael
    June 4, 2014

    yum, great recipe!

  20. nwilmoth
    January 13, 2015

    Just found this amazing site. Was looking for a yummy pancake recipe since the coconut flour recipes yield funky pancakes and are really impossible to flip. I used the ingredients as listed EXCEPT I used maple extract in lieu of vanilla. I used coconut oil and didn’t need much. DELICIOUS. EASY. PERFECT texture. EASY to FLIP. Ingredients were PERFECT for TWO. I didn’t have to add water or anything. I topped mine with banana, 1/2 sliced medjool date and a sprinkle of unsweet shredded organic coconut My new go to pancake recipe. Thank you.

  21. bthorne88
    April 24, 2015

    These were good and surprisingly easy to make. My only complaint was a little too salty so I’ll probably use much less next time. I topped with grass fed butter and 100% raw honey and they were great!

  22. slneill
    June 6, 2016

    Made these over the weekend. Followed the recipe but had to add an egg and some milk to resemble pancake consistency (we’re not paleo, just in search of a decent almond flour pancake recipe). We kept the heat low and brushed on the butter in the pan. We’re seasoned pancake makers so we know the tricks. The first pancake was perfect as was the rest. In the tasting, the nutmeg was over powering. We didn’t much care for the taste although for some, I could see how this might be appealing. Personally I am not a fan of using almond flour for making pancakes. The results were excellent but this alternative to flour is not for us. However, in terms of recipe, I’d highly recommend.

  23. vitruvianjp
    September 4, 2016

    Do not substitute the almond flour with coconut flour. It will not work.

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