Strawberry Shortcake

Don't let summer pass by without making these delightful strawberry shortcakes!
25 minutes
15 minutes
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Fat:29 g
Carbohydrates:17 g
Protein:7 g
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Serves: 12

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  1. Make the simple syrup first by bringing the water to a boil, then stirring in the stevia or honey until dissolved. Add the zest and simmer for 3-5 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool to room temperature before using.
  2. While the syrup is cooling, make the shortcakes. Preheat the oven to 450 and line a baking sheet with parchment or a nonstick pad and set aside.
  3. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the dry ingredients (almond flour through salt) and set aside.
  4. In a smaller bowl, whisk the eggs, then whisk in the butter or oil.
  5. Pour the egg mixture into the dry mixture and stir just until all of the ingredients are thoroughly incorporated.
  6. Scoop 3-4 Tablespoon portions (I used an ice cream scoop) and place them about 2" apart on the prepared baking sheet. Flatten the tops very gently with the palm of your hand.
  7. Bake for 10-15 minutes until lightly golden around the edges.
  8. Cool completely before slicing lengthwise, and topping with a scoop of sliced strawberries, a drizzle of simple syrup, and a dollop of coconut whipped cream (recipe here: http://acleanbake.com/simple-dairy-free-whipped-cream/) . Garnish with fresh mint leaves, if desired. Serve immediately.


If you can't or don't use baking powder, sub 2 teaspoons baking soda. Before you mix the butter or oil with the eggs, make sure it has cooled enough so that you can submerge your fingertip in it for a count of 5. Any hotter and it will cook the eggs! If your hand is sticking to the shortcake dough when you flatten the cakes, lightly grease or dampen your palm to avoid sticking. If you'd like, you can marinate the sliced berries in the cooled syrup for 30-60 minutes before adding them to the shortcakes. This will soften them and infuse them with a sweeter, slightly lemony flavor, which is wonderful, but if you're in a hurry or cooking for a crowd, skipping this step saves a lot of time.

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