Slow Cooker Pumpkin Spice Ketchup

At this point I fear everything in a can but coconut milk, and I'm just avoiding that thought. There's even three coconut milk DIY recipes stored in my head, but the first recipe I attempted chugged up the coconut shreds to the top of the blender. I thought I messed up and just stored the concoction in my fridge to be resumed later. Later turned to a week later and by then it was sour to the immediate realization of my nose upon opening the bottle. My defiant mouth tried anyway and spat it out. I recently learned it lasts for about three days and you're supposed to strain out the shreds of coconut. With this confession you've been my priest and I can be cleansed of coconut sins. Thank you. I shall resume coconut milk making once the last three cans have been used. When it comes to ketchup I not only fear the bottled Heinz version, but also fear the cans of paste required in most recipes. I've already made an heirloom marinara, can free, but I recently wondered if ketchup was possible too. If it just involved the same concept of simmering out the water then of course it was possible. Ketchup is like marinara but you replace the water with vinegar. Then I found this fabulous recipe and grew very excited. I didn't female hulk from the bliss, but there was definitely some magic beanstalks forming into lightbulbs. Slow cooker ketchup was already on the Internet and I didn't have to guess my blissing way into failed attempts. Even more enticing: This recipe could be so easily turned to fall with pumpkin spice! What you really want in your mouth is that taste of vinegar fondling tomatoes for hours and hours. Then you reach ultimate tomato vinegar mating bliss. Cinnamon, allspice, cloves and nutmeg only enhance the earthy essence of tomatoes. All of these spices are packed with nutrients we need to build our immune systems and fight the Fall of sickness away. This ketchup makes amazing meatloaf (recently discovered) and can easily be used for parsnip chips or tofu french fries, avocado fries or mixed into guacamole or just let your mind run free in ketchup possibility. If you run out of time in the day and want to fall asleep after a deep massage with a homemade massage bar, then you can pour the ketchup into a vessel, I used a cake pan, and resume the next morning. There are several ways to make this mouthblissing ketchup depending on mouth and time desires.
10 minutes
6 hours to 8 hours
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Fat:27 g
Carbohydrates:281 g
Protein:64 g
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Serves: 10

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  1. Chop up tomatoes and drop into your slow cooker with the salt.
  2. Cook tomatoes on high for one hour and then immersion blend the tomatoes. This can splatter so either do this shirtless or wear an apron and use the Low setting.
  3. Alternate 2. Skip immersion blending and just add all ingredients to the slow cooker and proceed to step 3.
  4. Add the spices by putting them into a nut bag or cheesecloth tied into a bag, and add them to the slow cooker. Cover with vinegar and make sure bag is covered.
  5. Remove spices and leave chunky or blend in batches for smoother ketchup.


Alternate Ingredients: 1 TBS Pumpkin Spice 2 Pounds Tomatoes (about five cups) 3/4 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar/Vinegar of Choice or 1/4 Cup Water to 2/4 Cups Vinegar (if you don't love that vinegar taste) Dash Salt 1 Cinnamon Stick (optional) Alternate Directions: 1. Chop up tomatoes and add to slow cooker. 2. Coat with a tablespoon of pumpkin spice and salt. 3. After one hour blend the tomatoes and add the cinnamon stick or Alternate 3. Add the vinegar and cinnamon sitck and cook on low for 6-8 hours with the lid off. 4. Unplug the slow cooker and let cool until no longer hot to the touch. 5. Blend the mixture in batches for a less chunky version and store in the fridge.

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