Salted Caramel Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Salted Caramel Coconut Milk Ice Cream! The healthy secret with this version is dates are used for the caramel swirl. Adding a little sea salt makes the perfect salty sweet caramel swirl. Enjoy!
20 minutes
24 minutes
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Fat:18 g
Carbohydrates:46 g
Protein:1 g
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Serves: 8

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  1. Pit dates and place in a bowl with warm filtered water. Allow dates to soak until complete with the coconut milk ice cream base.
  2. Shake cans of coconut milk and add all to a pan except 1/4 cup. Place the remaining coconut milk in a bowl.
  3. Add maple syrup to pan.
  4. On low heat gently whisk together the coconut milk and maple syrup until smooth and clump free.
  5. Add arrowroot flour to remaining 1/4 cup coconut milk. Whisk until the arrowroot flour is fully mixed with the coconut milk.
  6. Add arrowroot coconut milk combination to pan and whisk gently until fully incorporated.
  7. Continue to heat for around 4-8 min or until slightly thickened. Mixture should coat the back of a spoon. You may need to raise and lower the temperature during this process to thicken.
  8. Transfer mixture to a shallow baking dish and cover with plastic wrap.
  9. Refrigerate overnight for best results or for at least 4 hours.
  10. To make date caramel drain dates and add to a food processor along with filtered water, sea salt and vanilla extract. Process on high until smooth and creamy. Transfer to a bowl and refrigerate until ready to be mixed into the ice cream.
  11. Transfer coconut ice cream base to ice cream maker and follow directions. Once churning is a few minutes away from being complete pour date caramel mixture in top of machine and allow to thoroughly mix in.
  12. You can serve immediately for a soft serve consistency or place in a separate container and allow to harden and set for a few hours or overnight.


Ice cream base can be refrigerated for as little as 4 hours but you will yield better results if you refrigerate the base over night. Ensure you allow yourself enough time! Many brands of canned coconut milk have Guar Gum on the ingredient list. If you are following strict Autoimmune Protocol look for a brand that does not. My favorite is Native Forest Simple.

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  1. jennmunnik
    August 23, 2015

    Just made this as I am currently into week 3 of the AIP protocol and am beyond tired of meat and vegetables and was starting to lose it a little! I made this exactly as the recipe reads, only adding a little vanilla to the milk mixture and a little more salt to the dates. That said, its delicious! It tastes very much like salted caramel ice cream without all the bad stuff. I will probably make this several more time throughout my protocol (likely 4-6 months :() I put a scoop in a glass and topped it with some LIVE Root Beer Kombucha soda = excellent! THANK YOU, Primal Palate for the AIP specific recipes. You’ve really helped me out a lot! PS – Love ALL the spices!

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