Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes (autoimmune paleo)

A super simple, yet decadent treat that is sure to please everyone!
15 minutes
30 minutes
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Fat:9 g
Carbohydrates:18 g
Protein:2 g
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Serves: 9

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  1. preheat oven to 380 degrees
  2. peal and chop plantain
  3. pulse in food processor until small bits and pieces
  4. add the rest of the ingredients
  5. blend for 2 minutes until smooth
  6. scoup batter into muffin cups and bake for 30 minutes
  7. cool on counter in muffin cups. Centres will be soft.
  8. while cooling, make coconut whip cream. Spoon cream from chilled cans. Add vanilla and sugar if desired. Whip until peaks form.
  9. frost each cupcake with whip cream and chill for at least another hour in the fridge.


I used canned no name pumpkin here which I have always found to be “runnier” then if I baked my own pumpkin. I used the Arroy-D brand of coconut milk to chill for the cream because it has no fillers and comes out at about 3/4c cream per can at the end. If you substitute another brand, the level of cream varies. To make gelatin eggs, pour 1/2 c cold water into small sauce pan. Sprinkle two tbsp of gelatin over top and let sit for a couple minutes. Turn the burner onto medium heat and start whisking. Continue until the water is hot, you can smell the gelatin, and you have frothed the mixture double its size. Add immediately to recipe.

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