Pumpkin and Fig Bread Pudding Bakes

Grain Free Bread Pudding with Fig and Pumpkin! Perfect for Holidays or Breakfast. You can make this egg free and vegan as well! Delicious!
10 minutes
20 minutes
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Fat:3 g
Carbohydrates:10 g
Protein:3 g
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Serves: 4

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  1. First, chop your figs and set aside. If you are using the egg free version, go ahead and make your egg replacer mix and set aside as well.
  2. Next, tear your bread (stale is best) into pieces and place in an oiled baking dish. I used 2 mini bread pans but you can use a 9x3, a square casserole dish (8x8), or even 10 small muffin cups.
  3. Once your bread is ready, set that aside and then prepare your mix in a separate bowl. Combine your eggs, figs, pumpkin, (granola if using that instead of eggs), seasoning, and milk. If you are using the egg replacer mix that with everything instead of your eggs. Then pour your batter on top of the bread or into your muffin cups. Pour a little extra molasses or maple syrup on top
  4. Bake at 350F for about 20 minutes. I would check around 18 minutes just to make sure. Could also take as long as 22 depending on what pan you use.


The muffins are great because they rise fast. The bread pans are thicker and go well with yogurt, etc. for breakfast.

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