Pan Seared Steak

This pan seared steak is part of our regular dinner rotation because its easy to make using a cast iron pan versus the grill and comes out perfectly medium rare and juicy. A dry rub of salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder and paprika gives the steak great flavor and I finish it with a garlic rosemary butter sauce mixed with the pan drippings. Move over A1! Its one of the most viewed recipes on my blog so I hope you'd give it a try đŸ™‚

Serves: 2

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  1. To make the dry rub, combine salt, pepper, paprika, onion powder and garlic powder. Set aside.
  2. Heat cast iron pan on high for a few minutes.
  3. Rub room temperature steaks with some coconut oil to help the dry rub stick.
  4. Sprinkle dry rub on steaks. Make sure to press it into the meat.
  5. Once the pan started smoking, place steaks and cook for 3 minutes on the first side for medium rare. Flip it and cook the other side for 3 more minutes.
  6. Place cooked steaks on a plate and cover with foil so that they rest for a few minutes.
  7. Meanwhile, reduce the heat to medium low and add the garlic cloves, rosemary and ghee to the pan dripping.
  8. Cook until rosemary is fragrant and garlic is soft.
  9. Pour on top of cooked steaks and serve immediately.
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  • Difficulty
  • prep:5 minutes
  • cook:10 minutes
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    Fat:29 g
    Carbohydrates:3 g
    Protein:10 g
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  1. September 2, 2018

    This is amazing. Exceed my expectations. Simple and fast. I used kerrygold instead of ghee.

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