Paleo Blueberry Pancakes

This version of pancakes is all about the blueberries. We have made them with frozen blueberries we picked last summer and also with freeze dried blue berries from Trader Joe’s. I find that frozen or fresh blueberries get a little too watery, so I prefer the freeze dried blueberries for pancakes (and muffins, too). I just soak them in warm water for a few minutes before I toss them in my batter.
5 minutes
10 minutes
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Fat:17 g
Carbohydrates:43 g
Protein:9 g
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Serves: 2

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  1. In a medium mixing bowl, combine all of the dry ingredients with a whisk.
  2. Add the wet ingredients and continue whisking until a smooth batter forms. Note: It will be a little thicker than your typical pancake batter. Drain your blueberries and fold them into the batter last.
  3. Heat your griddle pan or other pan of choice over medium heat.
  4. Use either a non-stick coconut oil spray...OR...for even yummier pancakes, add a little butter to your heated pan.
  5. Scoop a couple of spoonfuls of the batter into your pan and spread the batter out a little with the back of your spoon to form a larger circle shape. Remember the smaller they are the easier they are to flip, so choose your size and shape carefully.
  6. Flip the pancakes when they start to bubble. You can check to see that the bottom side has started to brown just a little. That is the perfect time to do your flipping.
  7. We like to place the pancakes on a plate in the oven with low heat (about 200 degrees) until all the pancakes are cooked so we can enjoy them together while they're warm and right off the stove.
  8. Top with your favorites. We love almond, sunflower seed, or cashew butter, grass fed butter, banana slices, fresh blueberries, maple syrup, etc. Have fun with the toppings!

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  1. vitruvianjp
    September 18, 2016

    This was a very enjoyable recipe. We did not have any blueberries but we did have fresh peaches. yummy… this recipe made 4, 5 inch pancakes. We will defiantly make these again.

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