No Bake Lemon Pistachio Shortbread Cookie Bites

No Bake Lemon Pistachio Shortbread Cookie Bites! Vegan and Paleo friendly Bites that taste just like Shortbread Cookie but are actually good for you! Super easy to make, refreshing, light, and naturally gluten free!
15 minutes
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Fat:5 g
Carbohydrates:2 g
Protein:2 g
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Serves: 25-27

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  1. Grind up your pistachios in a food processor or blender (don't blend into a flour, just a meal like texture).
  2. Next, grate your lemon to form a bit of lemon zest.
  3. In large bowl, add in all your dry ingredients (flour, nuts). Optional: If you'd like a more dense texture, add in 1 tbsp of coconut sugar with your dry ingredient.
  4. Then mix in your nut butter and last, the lemon zest, honey or maple syrup, and extracts. See note below.
  5. Mix well (I use my hands) and roll into bite size balls.
  6. Place in freezer to harden.
  7. Once the bites have harden, coat the bites with extra lemon zest and a coconut sugar if desired. Or feel free to coat in a little bit of vanilla protein (omit protein if paleo).
  8. Freeze or keep in refrigerator to maintain freshness.


Depending on how thin your almond butter is and how fine your coconut flour is, you might have to add more honey and/or almond butter.

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