Iced Vanilla Coconut MIlk

One of my favorite words is “froth”, which is why I think I like this drink so much. Seriously. Growing up, I had a kid’s cookbook with a recipe for iced vanilla milk. I made it multiple times, and my favorite part was the cold foam at the top of the drink when I poured it out of the blender. I randomly remembered this drink the other day, and wanted to re-create it with coconut milk. This paleo-fied version is just as yummy and just as frothy! Try it on a hot day and you’ll be glad you did. 🙂

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  1. Blend milk, vanilla, and dates on high.
  2. Add ice cubes and blend on high for about a minute until frothy.


I used the Goya brand of coconut milk (no thickeners/gums added). I'm not sure if a thicker coconut milk with gums would create the same light and frothy drink. Start with the tablespoon of vanilla, and add more if you like a stronger vanilla taste! You can probably sub other types of milk for the coconut milk, but I haven't experimented yet.

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