Homemade Vanilla Almond Milk

It's light creamy, deliciously nutty, subtly sweet & spiked with a hint of vanilla.
58 minutes
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Fat:43 g
Carbohydrates:16 g
Protein:19 g
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Serves: 3

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  1. Place almonds into a non porous bowl/jug or jar and then pour in enough water to ensure all your almonds are completely covered.
  2. Cover and set aside to soak for at least 8 hours, I did mine overnight.
  3. Once your almonds have soaked for at least 8 hours and you're ready to make your almond milk, drain and rinse your almonds in fresh, clean water then pop them into your blender.
  4. Add your 3 cups of water and process on high until smooth and creamy.
  5. Place a nut milk bag or piece of muslin cloth into a colander and set it into a large bowl then pour your almond milk into the nut milk bag/muslin cloth then strain/squeeze all of the milk out into your prepared bowl.
  6. Rinse out your blender and pour your strained milk back in with the vanilla and pulse just to combine.
  7. Store in the fridge for up to 5 days (if it lasts that long) Shake well before use and enjoy as you would any other store bought milk.
  8. Enjoy xo


Reserve the strained meal for an alternate use – you can make your own almond meal by dehydrating it in the oven. Simply spread your pulp onto a lined baking sheet and bake at a very low 75-90’C (170 -200’F) for 3 to 4 hours or until completely dry. Pulse in a food processor to break up any clumps, store in the fridge and use as you would store bought almond meal.

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