Grilled Lamb Shoulder Chop with Strawberry Mint Truffle Sauce

It's a battle. A fight for spring's sweetest bounty and a race against the clock. Has anyone else failed to pick a single strawberry this season? I certainly have. It's not that I haven't tried. On the contrary, I've been eyeballing those berries since they were white flower buds. The problem is, I'm not the only one with a sweet tooth. Oh no, its seems that every being wants a share of these berries: the robins living in the tree, the chipmonk--or was that a mouse?- and probably my own cat all have cheeks full of sweet stawberry pulp. Can you blame them? Strawberries on the vine are pretty much juicy summer in a bite. For the first time this summer, I took what I could get. After savoring the second bite of this grilled lamb with stawberry sauce, I understood what the animals in the yard were so excited about. Garden-fresh strawberries are good. Really good. This recipe showcases our garden's strawberries and mint (which I have no trouble harvesting--that stuff grows like weeds!). The truffle oil and strawberries play on the sweet earthiness of the lamb while the lemon and mint bring it to life! Any trouble collecting your own garden's bounty? What do you make when you FINALLY get your hands on the crop you've been waiting for?
15 minutes
10 minutes
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  1. 1. Set the meat out to bring to room temperature for about 20 minutes. Turn grill to high. While it heats, prepared the lamb: Mince the garlic and rosemary. Season both sides of the lamb with salt and pepper. Sprinkle the tops with half of the rosemary and garlic, and place on grill. Close the lid. Cook for three minutes, flip, season with remaining garlic and rosemary, and cook for three more minutes (about a minutes less for rare, a minute or two more for well done).
  2. 2. While lamb cooks, prepare the sauce. Use a blender to emulsify the lemon juice, garlic, and oils. Mince the mint, and chop the strawberries into small pieces. Toss all of the ingredients together, adding salt and pepper to your personal tastes.
  3. 3. Serve lamb hot, topped with a scoop of strawberry sauce. Add a good bottle of red (Zinfandel made a nice spicy sweet match) and a tossed spinach and radicchio salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

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