Gluten-Free Pumpkin Waffles

What’s better than pumpkin waffles topped with maple syrup, sliced strawberries and a dab of butter on a chilly morning? Nothing. These gluten-free pumpkin waffles are perfect for breakfast, brunch or brinner. Yeah, you know, breakfast for dinner – brinner.
4 minutes
21 minutes
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Fat:27 g
Carbohydrates:12 g
Protein:12 g
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Serves: 3

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  1. Plug in and preheat waffle iron on low setting.
  2. Put all ingredients in blender.
  3. Blend until smooth.
  4. Liberally grease the top and bottom plates of the waffle iron with coconut oil.
  5. Ladle 1/3 cup of blended batter (or amount specified by your waffle iron instructions) into the center of the waffle plate.
  6. Close the waffle iron and let cook about 7 minutes. If the waffle iron is still steaming, let cook longer.
  7. Open waffle iron, remove waffles with rubber spatula and eat up!


If you don't have almond milk, feel free to substitute it with any kind of milk you have.

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