Fried Green Beans

You just need to make these. Use your favorite aoili dipping sauce and be prepared to make more green bean " fries". Fresh, fast, fried food that is easy to prep ahead.
10 minutes
10 minutes
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Fat:39 g
Carbohydrates:21 g
Protein:0 g
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Serves: 3

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  1. Get 2 medium size Tupperware containers.
  2. In the first Tupperware container mix ground mustard seed, seasoning mix, and cassava flour and set aside.
  3. In the second Tupperware container whisk egg and put in green beans. Secure lid and shake the green beans in egg until completely coated.
  4. In a skillet of medium to medium high heat melt the coconut and olive oils until there is a gloss to the oil.
  5. Using tongs take a few green beans and tap off excess egg wash and place into the flour mix, shake until well coated, again tapping off excess. Place coated green beans on a separate plate and continue egg wash to flour until all the green beans are coated.
  6. Place a single layer of green beans in skillet, cooking on each side until golden roughly 2 minutes on each side. Use the tongs to flip the green beans and to remove out of skillet, once golden on each side, to a wire cooling rack. I put a plate under the cooling rack to catch any oil drips.

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