Festive Green Spritzer

Last year I spent some time researching juicers because I wanted to incorporate juices in to my diet. After much time researching I finally decided on one. I picked up some veggies on the way home and then immediately started making a drink. I was used to drinking them and really didn’t think much about how “green” it tasted. However, the first time I gave my husband one he took a sip and looked at me as if I was trying to murder him or something. Needless to say, some people need to get used to drinking greens in a juice. It got me thinking a lot about ways to use my juicer to make juices for people who weren’t used to them and also for entertaining. I wanted people to see that healthy foods can be fun and festive too! This juice recipe is really inspired by things I have been getting from the farmer’s market lately and also inspired by bold fall flavors. It is a great blend of sweet, tangy, and spicy. All the flavors really balance each other and you don’t get an overwhelming kale taste for those who maybe don’t like the flavor as much. Topping the juice with some club soda not only gives the juice a festive spritz but also leaves a very refreshing taste on your pallet! Feel free to adjust anything according to taste!
5 minutes
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  1. Peel some of the rind off the lemon and core the pears.
  2. Put the cucumber, lemon, pears, kale, and ginger through the juicer.
  3. Pour the mixture through a fine mesh sieve. Fill a tall glass with ice and add about one cup of juice concentrate.
  4. Top with about u00bd cup of club soda and enjoy! Adjust club soda and juice to taste.


I have weight measurements on the blog if you wish to use exact measurements. All of these ingredients can be changed according to taste. If you want it sweeter then add more Pear. Add more lemon for tartness and more ginger for spice!

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