Detox Salad

Welcome to the January! The month of worldwide detoxing. With all of the holidays clumped at the end of the year – the cookies, the cakes, pats of butter, sweets and cocktails piling up it can start to make your body feel sluggish. This detox salad is a great way to fill your body with healthy vegetables while still getting great flavors. Parsley plays a key role in this salad as it has powerful detoxing and nutritional benefits. Not only does parsley contain vitamins A, B, C, K along with minerals iron and potassium it also helps to drop extra water weight if you’re getting ready to weigh in for sports or just get ready for your weekend events. It will remove excess fluids while still maintaining the right balance of electrolytes in your body. I used a food processor to make this salad but if you don’t have one you can chop it into larger sections. Happy detoxing!
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10 minutes
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Protein:1 g
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Serves: 8

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  1. In food processor chop all vegetables in stages and set aside in large bowl
  2. Add lemon juice and raisins and mix well
  3. Add salt to taste

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