Decadent and Rich Raw Chocolate Brownies

All natural quick and easy,, decadent, rich, super fudgey, intensely chocolatey, deliciously chewy, slightly nutty raw chocolate brownies that come together in a matter of minutes - no baking required
5 minutes
20 minutes
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Fat:5 g
Carbohydrates:15 g
Protein:2 g
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Serves: 15

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  1. * Before you get started - If your dates are a little dry, I suggest you pop them into a small bowl or jug and pour over enough boiling water so they are completely submerged. Set aside for 5 minutes while you get your food processor out and gather up the rest of your ingredients and then when you're ready simply pour out the water and proceed with the recipe as normal.
  2. Line a pan with baking/parchment paper and set aside. I used a roughly 9 x 13 inch loaf pan.
  3. Place almonds and cashews into your food processor or blender and pulse a few times until they have broken down into a fine crumb.
  4. Add dates, cacao, vanilla, salt and espresso if using and process until well combined
  5. Add crushed walnuts and pulse again to combine.
  6. Scoop brownie batter into your prepared pan and firmly press down, taking care to smooth out into one even layer. The dough is pretty sticky so I find it easiest to use another piece of baking/parchment paper to press it down instead of my bare hands, and then use the back of a spoon to smooth it out so it doesn't stick to my fingers and leave me in a deliciously sticky mess.
  7. Once nice and smooth pop your brownies into the fridge or freezer for 30 mins to set.
  8. Once chilled and set remove from the tray and cut into whatever size your pretty little heart desires. I cut mine into roughly 4 cm squares and got 15 delicious little brownie bites, you could slice them into bars or bigger/smaller bites - do what you feel.
  9. Enjoy xoxo

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