Dark Chocolate Gelato with Coffee Affogato

Every great Italian meal requires an indulgent dessert, and this one ties together many Italian flavors in one delicious dish. When Hayley and I visited Italy, we decided to have Gelato everyday (Hey, "when it Rome...") This decadent dessert is best paired with our Chocolate Chip Biscotti (recipe in Gather).
2 hours and 30 minutes
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Fat:12 g
Carbohydrates:12 g
Protein:1 g
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Serves: 8

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  1. In a medium-sized saucepan, combine the coconut milk, vanilla extract, maple syrup, egg yolks, and cocoa powder. Bring the mixture to a low boil while whisking. Then, let it cool.
  2. Strain the mixture into a medium mixing bowl, and cover it with plastic wrap. Chill it in a refrigerator for two hours.
  3. Then, pour the mixture into an ice cream maker, and process it until the desired consistency is reached. Keep the gelato frozen until a few minutes before serving.
  4. To make the affogato, in a French press, cover the ground coffee with 1 1/2 cups of boiling water. Allow the coffee to brew for 3-5 minutes (a longer brewing time will generally yield stronger flavor). Slowly depress the plunger to separate the coffee from the grinds.
  5. Place a scoop of the dark chocolate gelato in a small bowl, and pour 1-2 ounces of the hot coffee over the top. Serve immediately with a side of Chocolate Chip Biscotti.

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