Dark Chocolate Espresso Chia Pudding

I just recently found out that chia pudding exists, and I wanted to experiment with some fun flavors. This recipe is the result of having a few Enjoy Life chocolate chips left in my stash, a cup of cold, muddy coffee sitting on the counter, and whipping up a quick batch of homemade coconut milk. I prefer to use a very dark cacao bar (at least 80-something-percent cacao) and no added sweetener, but it's easy to adjust to suit your own taste!
5 minutes
5 minutes
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Fat:32 g
Carbohydrates:15 g
Protein:6 g
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Serves: 4

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  1. Place coconut milk and espresso/coffee in a heavy-bottomed pot and turn heat to medium. Whisk in cacao powder.
  2. When cacao powder is completely incorporated, add chocolate chips or chopped chocolate and whisk constantly until melted.
  3. Remove pot from heat, whisk in vanilla and taste for sweetness, adding honey or maple syrup if desired.
  4. Whisk in chia seeds until mixture is completely smooth.
  5. Pour mixture into a bowl, cover and place in refrigerator for at least 2 hours before serving.
  6. I tested several batches with varying quantities of chia seeds, and this is what gave me the best texture--not too runny, and not too firm. If you decide you want a thicker texture after it's been in the fridge for two hours, whisk in 1 Tbsp of chia seeds and return to refrigerator for 30 minutes. If you want a thinner texture, slowly whisk in additional coffee or coconut milk (or both) until desired consistency is reached.

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