Coconut Raspberry Energy Bars

Use coconut cream concentrate to bind together delicious ingredients creating a tasty and healthy snack!
20 minutes
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Fat:12 g
Carbohydrates:5 g
Protein:1 g
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Serves: 12

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  1. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees fahrenheit.
  2. Melt the coconut oil and honey
  3. Mix coconut oil, honey, cinnamon and hickory nuts or walnuts
  4. Place a sheet of parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Place coated nuts on cookie sheet.
  5. Place in the oven and roast for 15 minutes. While the nuts are cooking, place a sheet of parchment paper in a small square cake pan
  6. ,Once the nuts are done cooking, spread them evenly on the parchment paper in the cake pan
  7. Spread freeze-dried raspberries in the cake pan with the nuts. Heat the coconut cream concentrate until it's a liquid-y consistency. Pour coconut cream concentrate over the nuts, making sure it's spread evenly throughout.
  8. The coconut cream concentrate is your binder so you'll want to make sure it's spread really evenly. Put the pan in the fridge until it hardens (about an hour to be safe). Once it's all hardened, cut into squares. Be sure to store at cool temperatures otherwise the coconut cream concentrate will start to melt.

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