Chocolate Mousse Tarts

These chocolate mousse tarts make for the perfect paleo dessert.
30 minutes
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Fat:26 g
Carbohydrates:18 g
Protein:8 g
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Serves: 10

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  1. Spray a muffin pan with coconut oil and line the bottom of the cups with parchment circles to prevent sticking.
  2. Combine medjool dates, hazelunuts, almonds, and cinnamon in a food processor and pulse until mixture is crumbly and starts to stick together.
  3. Spoon roughly 1/3 cup mixture into muffin tins and press down and along the sides of the cups. The mixture should be sticky enough to easily adhere to the sides of the tin.
  4. Place the entire muffin pan into the freezer for 25 minutes or until crusts firm up.
  5. Next, create the chocolate mousse filling. Combine the avocados, cocoa powder, 3 tbsp honey, coconut milk, and 1tsp vanilla in a food processor.
  6. Blend until creamy. If your mousse is too thick, add more coconut milk 1 tablespoon at a time.
  7. Remove crusts from the freezer. Run a knife around the edges of each crust and pop out of the muffin tin.
  8. Spoon mousse into crusts.
  9. Put tarts back in the freezer while you make the whipped coconut cream.
  10. Remove coconut cream from the refrigerator. By this time the cream should have separated from the water and risen to the top.
  11. Gently turn can upside down, being careful not to shake it. Open can and drain off water. Spoon remaining cream into a mixing bowl.
  12. Add 1 tbsp honey and 1 tsp vanilla extract. Beat coconut cream mixture until fluffy. Start on low speed and gradually increase to high while moving the beaters up and down to incorporate more air.
  13. Remove tarts from freezer and top with coconut cream.
  14. Heat Sunbutter and coconut oil in a small bowl in the microwave for 15 seconds. Stir. If Sunbutter and oil do not mix completely, microwave for another 10 seconds.
  15. Drizzle Sunbutter over tarts.
  16. Serve tarts slightly chilled.


These tarts can be stored in the refrigerator for a up to a week and in the freezer for two months. Let them thaw completely before serving. Enjoy!

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