Cherry Almond Muffins

These Cherry Almond Muffins are a fun treat to make any time of year, but we made them as a healthy treat for Valentine's Day. You can use fresh or frozen cherries for this recipe, which means you can enjoy them in any season! Top with unsweetened whipped cream, and a fresh cherry on top.
30 minutes
25 minutes
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Fat:259 g
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Protein:45 g
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  1. If using fresh cherries, pit and chop them, and set aside. If using frozen cherries, remove them from the freezer, and soak in room temperature water so they defrost quickly, then drain and set aside.
  2. Preheat the oven to bake at 350 degrees.
  3. In a standing mixer, combine the cassava flour, almond flour, potato starch, maple sugar, salt, and baking soda.
  4. Using the paddle attachment, mix on medium-low to combine all ingredients.
  5. In a small mixing bowl, whisk together the eggs, maple syrup, almond extract, and almond milk.
  6. Warm the palm shortening so that it starts to melt, but you don't have to melt it completely.
  7. Pour the palm shortening into the flour mixture, and beat on medium until the batter resembles course sand. Scrape down the bowl as needed.
  8. While beating on low speed, add the liquid to the dry. Once all is combined, turn the mixer onto medium speed, stopping to scrape down the sides as needed.
  9. Once the batter is fully combined, turn the mixer off.
  10. Squeeze any excess liquid from your cherries, and give them a chop.
  11. Remove the bowl from the stand mixer, and fold in the cherries.
  12. Using an ice cream scoop, scoop the batter into a lined cupcake tin.
  13. Bake the muffins at 350 for 20-25 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.
  14. Allow to cool, and top with whipped cream, and a cherry if desired.


I topped our muffins with Tillen Farms Merry Maraschino Cherries, which are free of corn syrup and red dye!

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  1. Suismoi
    February 14, 2019

    These made my family so happy this Valentine’s Day morning! Thank you — absolutely delicious! (Just fyi, I subbed arrowroot for the potato starch. Doubled the recipe and got 24 beautiful, good-sized muffins and a little leftover batter for everyone to enjoy.)

  2. Kittydoo
    April 15, 2019

    My first time ever reviewing any recipe, but these are possibly the very best grain free muffins on the planet and the world needs to know. I made three substitutions: raw milk for the almond milk (because that’s what we drink), turbinado sugar for the maple sugar (because maple sugar – although lovely – is too expensive for my budget) and frozen blueberries for the cherries (because my family would kill me to “waste” cherries in any baked good). I threw the blueberries in frozen and likely exceeded the ½ cup. Next time I might even go with a full cup, because blueberry muffins. I was skeptical of so much “liquid”, but it all mixed up fine and the batter was the perfect consistency. Mine were done in 25 minutes. I ate four of these for the sake of a thorough review – the first while still warm (yes) and the others stone cold (no problem). They held their shape warm or cold and did not crumble apart like so many other grain free baked goods. They are company-worthy in taste, texture and form (in other words, no one would suspect they are anything but a muffin), and although I skipped the cream on top, it would probably go to hiding their rather plain appearance, because for some reason, they look somewhat humble, that is to say not golden like maybe muffins are expected to look. The batch made 14 regular sized muffins but next time I might just cram it all into 12 really full liners, to get that nice rounded dome of muffin tradition. And now you should turn off your computer and go make these…

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