Cantaloupe, Lime and Toasted Coconut Shake

We got a delicious cantaloupe in our CSA basket last week and with my first bite I knew I had to make something with it! I really love to make “milkshake” style treats. I have always been a huge ice cream/milkshake lover but rarely eat things like that anymore. I knew I wanted to pair lime with the cantaloupe and right as I was about done making it I thought of adding toasted coconut. It really was the perfect creamy, refreshing and delicious drink. It is only sweetened with the cantaloupe and the chia helps thicken the drink to give it a milkshake consistency. This makes one large serving or you can split it in to two smaller servings! Enjoy
5 minutes
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Fat:20 g
Carbohydrates:18 g
Protein:4 g
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Serves: 2

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  1. Add all the ingredients to the blender and blend until mixture is creamy and smooth.
  2. Pour in to a glass and enjoy!
  3. Optional Toasted coconut: Heat a small skillet to medium heat and place the shredded coconut in the pan. Stir the mixture frequently and cook until they are slightly browned and toasted.
  4. Pour on top of the shake and enjoy.


Chia seeds help thicken the drink and give it more of a “milkshake” consistency but you can leave them out if you prefer.

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