Beef “TeriJerky”

Is there any better snack than teriyaki flavored beef jerky??
3 minutes
52 hours
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Fat:8 g
Carbohydrates:4 g
Protein:23 g
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Serves: 8

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  1. Place the meat in the freezer for a few hours (or place it in room temperature if already frozen) until it is half frozen/thawed. (This makes it much easier to cut).
  2. Cut the meat into strips about 0.25 inches (0.5cm) thick. (I cut with the grains, as that makes a chewier jerky that is less likely to fall apart when dehydrated but that's just a matter of preference.)
  3. Discard any strips that has a lot of fat in them (as it's the fat that eventually turn rancid), and put the lean ones in a large ziplock bag.
  4. Add the Teriyaki sauce,massage the meat a bit to get all meat covered in marinade, then roll the bag around the meat before sealing it to get as much air out as possible.
  5. Put it in the fridge for 48 hours, turning and massaging it every once in a while.
  6. After 48 hours, turn on the oven at the lowest possible temperature (mine was 120F / 50C) and if the oven is equipped with a fan, turn it on.
  7. Line up the strips on multiple grids that fit your oven (I use two sets of 3-tier stackable cooling racks when making my jerky, and I really do recommend something similar). Note: If there is lots of excess marinade on the meat, make sure to remove that first. With the ratios in this recipe most marinade should have been absorbed by the meat during the 48 hours, but you never know).
  8. Place the racks with the meat in the oven, and stick a spoon or a folded towel in between when you close the door, so that you leave a small gap open that allow air to circulate and moist to escape.
  9. Dehydrate the jerky until preferred texture. I like mine chewy, and find a good indication of when they're ready to be when folding a strip and the surface crackles but the strip does not snap. (It took mine about 3-4 hours until done the way I like them.) Note: Make sure to monitor the progress, as it's likely that you will need to shift the racks around at least once through out the process to make sure all tiers are evenly dehydrated.


The 3-tier cooling racks I use are called "Tala" or "Wilton Excelle Elite", and they're available on Amazon.

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