Apple, Leek, Cabbage Salad with Beef Tips

This apple, leek, and red cabbage salad makes a power food pairing with any lean protein. A nutrient packed side dish that’s nutritious and delicious!
10 minutes
10 minutes
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Fat:9 g
Carbohydrates:2647 g
Protein:2 g
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Serves: 2

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  1. Chop all vegetables and fruit and transfer to a large bowl. Add the oil and toss again.
  2. I lightly sauteed them in a skillet for a few minutes until leeks were cooked and tender. Once cooked, transfer into bowl and add in vinegars, seasoning, and seeds.
  3. Place in fridge until chilled. Top with Parmesan or feta and serve with beef tips!
  4. If you'd like to know how to cook the beef, simply cut your beef into small strips, season with a dash of black pepper and sea salt, then grill or sear for about 10 minutes or until medium. Then sprinkle a little fresh or dried basil on top when almost cooked. That is optional.


Optional add ins: 1 tsp maple syrup for extra sweetness, feta/parmesan

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