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Today we’re very excited to release two new features on Primal Palate that we’ve been thinking about for a long time. If you’ve followed us at all over the last few years, you’ve likely used our unique (and first of it’s kind) recipe filters. We originally set out 12 dietary filters which were aimed to help anyone find the perfect recipe. There are tons of Paleo recipes out there, but few tools to help people who have special needs (and let’s face it, most of us do).


We started off with many mainstream allergens, foods that cause sensitivities, and also some Paleo-slanted specialty diets.


Primal Palate dietary restriction filters


Today we have added one more, highly requested filter:



It should come as no surprise, as we’ve been working closely with Whole30 for over a year now, ever since we had our entire line* of Organic Spices Whole30 Approved (*okay, except the Cinnamon Sugar Cookie and Gingersnap blends). We’ve been contributing recipes periodically to their Wholesome newsletters, and even took on doing the January Whole30 this year. It’s been challenging, but also so worthwhile to kick some nasty habits (like SUGAR).


We know that so many of you follow the Whole30 from time to time, or follow the general guidelines for most of your meals, so we felt it would be worthwhile to include this recipe filter on our site.


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Here’s the best part about the Whole30 recipe filter:


(Okay, well aside from the 630 recipes on our site that are Whole30.)


You can combine the Whole30 recipe filter with our other filters!

Naturally, Sugar and Dairy are already filtered out. But if you have a nut allergy AND egg allergy? No problem. Just check those boxes along with the Whole30 box. What about avoiding FODMAPs? Just click it. Our filtering system works with an “and” condition, so there’s no limit to the filtering you can achieve. This is great news for anyone out there thinking a Nut-free, Egg-free, Nightshade-free Whole30 is impossible! It’s not… Just use the filters!


We’re really excited about that part!


1-week Whole30 Meal Plan

In addition to the shiny new Whole30 recipe filter, we’ve also added a 1-week Whole30 Meal Plan to myKitchen!  This is the latest addition to myKitchen, our mobile friendly paleo meal planning tool.  You can choose from 10 FREE pre-populated meal plans. Yes, all this is FREE to you!! We also have a delicious week of AIP friendly meals and a week of Sugar Free (strict paleo) meals. You can add-to the meal plans, modify them to fit your needs, and even include your own easy to UPLOAD recipes. With over 2500 recipes at your fingertips on Primal Palate, the meal planning possibilities are limitless!  So choose your week, customize a meal plan, or create your own, and let your meal planning begin!


… And we get asked this question all the time: when do the payments kick in on our meal planner? Uh…. never! Because we don’t charge people to use myKitchen, our free Paleo meal planner. All you have to do is login (or register if you haven’t yet), and you’ll have access to all of our free meal plans! (see them below)



How to get the Whole30 Meal Plan

  1. Register for Primal Palate, or login to your account
    – If you’re registering for the first time, you’ll receive a verification email before you can login
  2. Click on the myKitchen tab at the top of the site
  3. Click “View Meal Plans” under the Meal Plans column
  4. Click “Add to menu” next to the Whole30 Week 1 option


Here are some of the wonderful Recipes you’ll find in our 1-week Whole30 Meal Plan.


We’re so excited about these new features on Primal Palate. We are true believers in the Whole30 program, and can see what a difference it has made for so many people. We hope you all enjoy using our Whole30 recipe filter, and the free one week meal plan.

Happy Cooking!

Bill & Hayley



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