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Hello Friends, and welcome to the last few days of 2018. We made it!


We’re still in that bizarre space between Christmas and New Year’s Eve where no one knows what day it is, but many of us already feel like crap from over indulging. This might be one of the first years I don’t feel like a complete mess because I actually kept things under control over Christmas. Despite being on better-than-usual footing, Hayley and I agreed to get things started with our Whole30 a little earlier than normal this year, with the abolishment of sugar and dairy the day after Christmas. Hayley has actually been mainly following Whole30 guidelines since the September Whole30! Of course Whole30 is more than just limiting sugar and dairy, but those are the two biggest hurdles for us personally. So far, so good.


If you’re looking for a dietary reset, we probably don’t need to sell you on the Whole30. But in case you’ve never heard of it, the Whole30 is a “30-day nutrition reset, designed to help you put an end to unhealthy cravings and habits, restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, and balance your immune system.” Think of it as holding down the off button on your computer when it’s acting up. We’ve all been there, both with the computer, and with our health after the holidays.



Just as we’ve done in years past, we’re going all in on the January Whole30, not only doing it ourselves, but trying to share as much as we think is interesting. Sure, we repeat a lot of the quick meals so we don’t share those, but we do give you a more personal look into what we’re eating day to day. Below you’ll find our favorite Whole30 resources, including our Free Whole30 Meal Plan, our Recipe Filter, and our exclusive tips and tricks. PLUS don’t forget to grab some of our official Whole30 Approved spices to make meal time a snap! 


Whole30 Recipe Filter and Free Meal Plan


Our 30 Favorite Whole30 Dinner ideas



Our Favorite Whole30 Ingredients


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