Free Online Paleo Meal Planner and Shopping List Generator

Introducing myKitchen:

The first free, online Paleo meal planner!




myKitchen is a powerful interactive meal planner that allows you to drag and drop your recipes into a fully customizable meal planner and generate tailored shopping lists. Here’s how it works!

1. Register for/Login to the site (it’ll only take a second, and it’s free)

*You will receive a verification email, which will contain a special link you’ll need to click before you can login.*  This helps us prevent spam accounts from registering.


2. View any recipe on our site and click  +  to add a recipe to myKitchen

These will be stored as favorites (so to speak), which you can use in the meal planner.



3. Click “myKitchen” in the top navigation bar to access the meal planner

myKitchen is now front and center on the website. Click myKitchen to see your favorite recipes and any meal planning you’ve been working on. You can even save what you’ve been working on by clicking “Save all menus” under myMenus.


4. Choose one of our FREE 1-week meal plans or Create your own meal plan.

meal plans_image

Or … Create your own meal plan, just drag and drop recipes from your saved recipes (left column) into your Meal Plan (center column)

Your recipes are organized by category, and provide you with quick information to help make meal planning easier. You’ll see how much each recipe makes (and don’t worry, you can change it later), how long it’ll take to make the recipe, and there is also a quick link to view the recipe easily. Hover over a recipe to reveal an “X” which will allow you to delete it. To add recipes to a meal plan (center column), just drag and drop! 



5. Change serving sizes, rearrange days, and add or delete days in you Meal Plans.

In the meal plans (center column), you can change serving sizes of recipes, and it will reflect updated values in your shopping list. You can also add or delete days, and rearrange them. If you want to do a whole month’s meal planning in one shot, go for it! It could also be equally useful if you are planning a large get together. Simply add recipes to myKitchen, drag them into the meal planner, increase the serving size, then print or email the shopping list to yourself. It couldn’t be easier!


6. Add your own ingredients, Delete any ingredients you have, then print (or email) your shopping list.

In the right column, you’ll see ingredients you need organized by type. If you know you have a certain ingredient, you can delete it from the shopping list to avoid confusion. Once you’re ready, click Print or email it yourself.



We want everyone to know about and to enjoy this free tool! You won’t find a better FREE meal planner online!



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    1. maninblack1974
      April 26, 2013

      Such a great idea, I love the fact you also made an app I can have on my phone. No wasting paper printing out lists!!!

    2. 323CocoNut
      April 26, 2013

      Just downloaded the app and I’m so excited to try it out!

    3. jbscia
      April 26, 2013

      Thanks. What a great idea and I love these cooking pots!

    4. kellyj24
      April 26, 2013

      excited about the new website and giveaway!

    5. Tom
      April 26, 2013

      Awesome app and awesome giveaway! Thanks!

    6. AKLulu
      April 26, 2013

      Great idea! I can’t wait to see the new developments with the recipe planner 🙂

    7. Max
      April 26, 2013

      This is awesome! Ill try it for my next grocery! Ive been looking for something like that for a long time, but did not want to pay the extra money some websites are asking… Thanks guys!

    8. NPAH
      April 26, 2013

      I will definitely be using this!

    9. janetdds
      April 26, 2013

      Looks great! Will try immediately!!

    10. mex
      April 26, 2013

      I’ve been using your phone app for a while and love it.
      I purchased a menu planning service a few weeks ago and it isn’t working.
      I will be using your free service from now on to plan my menus.
      One of the features I love the most is the automatic quantity updates for the amount of people you will be feeding. With eight mouths this is a huge help!
      Thank you!

    11. CaliCaveMomma
      Supporting Member
      April 26, 2013

      This is a wonderful!! Another suggestion would be when you add the main dish, to have suggestions for side dishes that complement the main dish to come up.

    12. April 27, 2013

      I love the iPhone app. Can’t wait to see the possibilities with this!

    13. cschwamb
      April 27, 2013

      This is great!! So helpful, love all the recipes and this will help me to organized our meals. Thank you!!

    14. mylenelacroix
      April 28, 2013

      I found the link to this website on theclothesmakethegirl.com and I’m so THRILLED!!! And the meal planner/grocery list is the BEST! I’m going to tell everyone I know who eats Paleo about this site and post a link on my own blog. Thanks!

    15. mcarrozza
      April 28, 2013

      This is fabulous! No more guess work for me and keeps me honest in the supermarket! Love it!

    16. moocow
      April 28, 2013

      Looks great!

    17. skoval
      April 28, 2013

      This looks like an amazing feature! Can’t wait to try it out! Thanks so much for offering this to us!

    18. April 28, 2013

      Looks great..love using tech tools to meal plan! Would LOVE to win the Le Creuset pot!

    19. troymom
      April 28, 2013

      Love the meal planner!!

    20. hjacob0611
      April 29, 2013

      posted on Facebook!

    21. jtousey
      April 29, 2013

      What an amazing tool! Thanks for sharing!

    22. kwosneski
      April 29, 2013

      I’m absolutely loving the meal planner!!!! So helpful for this single mom as it definitely saves me time with meal planning/shopping lists/food shopping. Thanks so much for taking all the time and effort in creating it and sharing it with everyone…For free nonetheless!!!

    23. monkski
      April 29, 2013

      My loved french oven got “lost” during our recent move and I am in desperate need of a new one. This meal planner also looks awesome. I can’t wait to try it out!

    24. jpawloski
      April 29, 2013

      Can’t wait to try the awesome meal planner and I love Le Creuset! What a great pair! This pan would be a perfect addition to my kitchen. (hint hint) 🙂

    25. nikkinelson
      April 29, 2013

      I am so excited about this! I have to create one by hand every week right now, online would be so much easier, faster and more exciting. Being full time students with 4 kids, my husband and I NEED things to make life easier!!! 🙂

    26. jennkelley08
      April 29, 2013

      This new app on your site is heaven sent for a busy, full-time working mom to a very active 2 year old! Going Paleo hasn’t been easy, mostly due to my lack of time to go grocery shopping and cook dinner at home every night, but this new feature will make it SO much easier!! Thank you!!!

    27. amerrigan
      April 29, 2013

      What a great idea and design!!! I am always a paper and pen type of person for meal planning and grocery lists. But having the list created for me from the recipes I pick would probably help me not forget items I need for recipes, as I forget at least 1 item every shopping trip! 🙂 Looking forward to exploring the new app and seeing how it works for me. Thanks for taking the time to create it!

    28. ashleycbaker
      April 29, 2013

      I would love to see bulk cooking recipes where you can cook a weeks work of different meals simply, and in one cooking session.

    29. keishafaw
      April 29, 2013

      cannot wait to use this to get my whole30 started! I am so super glad I found your site! Thanks bill and Haley!

    30. kiwismom95
      April 29, 2013

      I am so glad I found this. I was just looking for something like this a couple of days ago. I just started eating Paleo (day 3) and am feeling a bit off my game in the food planning dept. This is going to be such a help. Thanks!

    31. weslin.thomas
      April 29, 2013

      Can’t wait to start using the meal planner!

    32. manda82panda
      April 29, 2013

      This is a great idea. Will there be an app for Windows 8?

    33. jonofd
      April 29, 2013

      Dude!! This is awesome! I can’t wait to try this with my wife!!!

    34. knbagley
      April 29, 2013

      So excited about this!! I’ll be making my menu for next week today!

      Thanks for the giveaway, too. I drool over Le Creuset!

    35. cmbowling
      April 29, 2013

      Being able to change serving size is a neat feature!

    36. deh131
      April 29, 2013

      Can’t wait to try this out!

    37. evelynb
      April 29, 2013

      Can’t wait to start using this! Looks great!

    38. wilkersag
      April 29, 2013

      Super excited to give this a try – I’m a recent convert to the paleo lifestyle and I’m always looking for more yummy recipes to create. Thanks!

    39. tamrinaann
      April 29, 2013

      i already have the mykitchen app & absolutely love it!! i currently use spreadsheets that i made myself to plan my menus. now with this meal planner, i have yet another tool to help keep my family & i eating healthy! thanks for working so hard so that i don’t have to 🙂

    40. Tara217
      April 29, 2013

      This is a FABULOUS site! I absolutely love the meal planner. I am a nutritional health counselor and will be referring all my clients to this site!!! I also love the Le Creuset dutch oven, hope to win it!!

    41. kskonkol
      April 29, 2013

      I plan to try it this week

    42. April 29, 2013

      First recipe to be added to my kitchen – the chocolate chip cookies. 😀
      You two rock! Thanks so much for everything you do! Gorgeous stuff, as always!!

    43. trichman
      April 29, 2013

      This would be amazing for paleo stews!

    44. cdavis2
      April 29, 2013

      Thrilled beyond words for the shopping and meal planner….and it’s free! Thank you!

    45. al33za
      April 29, 2013

      Great app!

    46. jenyeager26
      April 29, 2013

      Love this!!!!! Can’t wait to download on my iPhone. Won’t ever have to worry about remembering my grocery list. Thank you for such a great website

    47. kbrew
      April 29, 2013

      Meal planner is a great tool!

    48. breh
      April 29, 2013

      Awesome! You guys are the best!

    49. LoriMoseley
      April 29, 2013

      I would love to win this! Love the meal planner!

    50. Margot C
      April 30, 2013

      That’s what I need, a shopping list on my phone for specific things drawn-up by someone else (seriously)

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