Where are they now: Chrissy’s Paleo Success Story

We’re continuing our “Where Are They Now” follow up Success Story posts from 2013. Kara caught up with Chrissy a few weeks ago and talked to her about what life has been like over the past 2 years. -Bill & Hayley


Chrissy: “I had no idea I could be this lean.”

It’s been so long since we last talked! Give us an update on what you’ve been doing the past two years.

Chrissy Before and After PaleoI’m still in Mobile, Alabama, working full-time at a finance company. It’s the first job I’ve had where I work nine-to-five Monday through Friday, and have weekends off. I’ve been so appreciative of that.

When we last spoke, I gave advice on doing Paleo on a budget. I could get high-quality ingredients at an affordable price. Since then, my budget has been cut in half. I was singing karaoke for two years, and out of nowhere lost the gig I was working. My diet consists mainly of greens, eggs, and more greens. It’s been an adjustment—to say the least—but I’m happier than ever.


Lately, you’ve been posting about going “off the grid.” Tell us about this movement. How did you become so passionate about it?

Off the grid is all about a sustainable lifestyle—not using utilities, but relying solely on solar energy. My boyfriend and I want to build a house from natural resources, rely on natural light, and get away from artificial stress. It’s funny—I’ve always loved New York City and am a city girl, but I’ve fallen in love with country style living. We want to grow our own food, enjoy peace and quiet, and rely on ourselves. We would also love to have a program to teach children to grow their own food.

Chrissy going off the grid

For me, it stems from my passion for whole foods and knowing the source of those foods. Now-a-days, unreliable labeling has made terms like GMO and grass-fed basically irrelevant. Companies now can be so dishonest—even Honest Tea turned out to have GMOs! It really comes down to knowing what I’m eating and putting into my body.

Chrissy off the grid

You once told me your transition to Paleo was a roller coaster ride. Do you still have bumps in the road, or have things leveled out?

I recently listened to a podcast by Ben Greenfield—he talked about orthorexia and the stress of eating perfectly. We tend to be so obsessed with being lean and eating certain foods, and I can definitely relate to those feelings of guilt. I’m happy to say I’m in a place where my life is much more balanced.

I wouldn’t tell someone I’m strict Paleo because I allow certain foods without feeling guilty. I focus on what Paleo is supposed to be about—eating real foods that feel good to you. Paleo itself has transformed to include white potatoes, white rice, grass fed dairy, and other products not allowed when I first started. This past year, I really tried sticking to the basics and not beating myself up over it.

CHrissy and her boyfriend

Are you still Paleo?

I still follow Paleo, I just don’t push it on other people. It’s really about eating whole foods and cutting out crap on a daily basis. I rarely have sugar cravings because I’ve found balance—which is an awesome place to be.

Do you have any advice for people who are still caught up in that roller coaster ride? Any tips for getting back on track?

Both the Whole30 and 21 Day Sugar Detox are great programs for getting back on track. You just need to know yourself—if you do a detox, will you stick to it? Or, is a detox too extreme for you? If allowing yourself a glass of red wine or corn chips dinner keeps you from going off the rail, do it.

Chrissy before and after Paleo

I am an all-or-nothing person. I’ve found I get really weighed down by carbs, and feel better with greens, meat, and fats. I’m about to do a candida cleanse, because I found I majorly battle that.

What would you like to leave people with?

I think the biggest thing is to not be dogmatic. There is no one-size-fits all approach to nutrition. Paleo has grown so much, and Paleo police will always exist. In the big scheme of things, all people want is better health: to eat, sleep, and feel better. View Paleo as an option for getting there.

Step out of that dogmatic personality, because in the end no one cares. This is about you, and your life. It’s easy to beat yourself up, but just love yourself and embrace the diet that’s best for you. I feel great about the choices I’ve made—so don’t let those haters get to you!

Chrissy Spartan Race


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