Our favorite new dish: Ahi Tuna Salad

It certainly feels like summer has arrived and is here to stay in our little corner of Pennsylvania. What seemed like a month of rain finally ended, and we’re getting consistent warm and sunny days. For the next four months, everyone will be outside enjoying time on the river, cookouts, concerts, and family get-togethers. It’s the best time of year in Pittsburgh!



With the arrival of summer, our own palates shift toward lighter fare: cool crisp salads with every meal (almost!) And sometimes, the salad IS the meal, like this one we’re sharing today.

Hayley got neuromuscular braces put on almost two months ago, so we’ve been working through some meals that are softer and easier for her to chew. Because not only are her teeth sore, but she only really has three contact points where her teeth touch. So chewing is somewhat challenging for her. If you’ve noticed the soup recipes on our blog lately… that’s why!



During one of our usual wanderings through Whole Foods earlier this week, we noticed some gorgeous Ahi Tuna steaks the fishmonger had in his case. They looked amazing, and Tuna is a favorite fish for both of us. We decided to whip up a grilled ahi tuna salad which would bring together some of our favorite vegetables, topped with an asian-inspired preparation for the tuna. The result was totally delicious!



We start with a marinade of coconut aminos, fresh garlic, and fresh ginger. These are the staple ingredients in our household (we also use our own spices in lieu of fresh – either will work in most cases!) Let the tuna marinate for 30-60 minutes. That’s all you really need.


(If you don’t have a Spiralizer, shown above right, you MUST get one!)

While the tuna steak is chilling with the marinade, you can prep the dressing and salad ingredients. I’m a big fan of thinking through the sequencing for a recipe, to make things feel more streamlined. With a recipe like this that requires some actual work, the proper sequencing is necessary if you are limited on time. If you want to experiment with a clean-ingredient gingery dressing (store-bought), go for it! That would help streamline, and you can also get julienned fresh carrots at most grocery stores. We use that little shortcut all the time, truth be told.



When the salad is plated and the dressing is made, all you need to do is sear the tuna steak. The widely used cooking method with grilled tuna is to sear the outside hot and fast, leaving the inside tender and purple. Think of it like a steak on the outside, sushi on the inside. If you’re not comfortable with less cooked food, feel free to cook further. We won’t judge!



The last step is to let the tuna rest, slice it, top the whole salad with the dressing and some sliced green onion. That’s it!


If you want to play with some other flavors in this recipe, try adding our Curry Powder, or Chinese Five Spice to the marinade or dressing (I’d try 2 tsp of either, to start). They should both be great!


We hope you enjoy this recipe! Happy summer!

Bill & Hayley


Ahi Tuna Salad

This light and refreshing salad is perfect for summer, with the perfectly grilled ahi tuna, and crisp cool vegetables. The sesame ginger dressing really adds a nice pop of flavor!

Serves: 2

Serves: 2decrease servingsincrease servings



Note, these instructions are written assuming the standard serving size, since you have modified the number of servings, these steps may need to be modified for best results
  1. Place the tuna steak in a wide bowl, and add the coconut aminos, ginger, and garlic. Cover with plastic wrap. Marinade refrigerated for 15 minutes. Flip the steak, spoon the marinade over it, recover, and marinade another 15 minutes. For the second half of the marinade, you can allow to come up to temperature (not refrigerated).
  2. Prepare the vegetables: Spiralize the cucumber, thinly slice the bell pepper, julienne the carrot.
  3. Preheat your grill to high heat. (At least 450 F).
  4. Bring together the Sesame Ginger Dressing ingredients. Whisk together, and set aside.
  5. Plate the salad greens, adding the carrot, cucumber, and bell pepper. Slice the avocado (doing this earlier risks it getting oxidized). Add the avocado to the salad plates.
  6. Grill the tuna steaks on high heat for about 4 minutes per side (for rare tuna). Pour the remaining marinade over the tuna after you've flipped it.
  7. Allow the tuna to rest for 5 minutes, then slice into 1/4" pieces. Plate in the center of the salad bowls, and dress everything with the sesame ginger dressing.
  8. Garnish with thinly sliced green onions, and serve.



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