Welcome to The Food Lovers Kitchen!

Welcome to our new home on the web – The Food Lovers Kitchen. This website is one big step towards providing you with a highly functional and interactive Paleo website. We’ve built some great features into this website to make it more useful and functional for day to day use. We’ve been blogging for almost 2 years now, and have tried to incorporate two years of feedback into the construction of this website.

We’ve built The Food Lovers Kitchen to incorporate all the features you’ve come to love about The Food Lovers Primal Palate over the last two years. We’ll still be blogging here on the new site, with new recipes each week. You’ll still be able to print the recipes and look through all sorts of photos. There will also still be a way to search through all the recipes on the site by photo – our signature “Visual Recipe Index.”


Here are some of the great new features:

  • Over 150 previously unreleased recipes! Below are just a few of the many new-to-you recipes. All of our recipes are now available with slick navigation and a refined user experience. We’ve expanded upon the idea of a visual recipe index and made it more user friendly by providing several different sorted views. Click the “Recipes” tab in the upper left to get started!
     Paleo Asian Steak Salad
  • You can filter all of our recipes by special dietary needs. Do you have an Egg Allergy? How about a FODMAP aversion? Dairy or Nut allergy? Or are you trying to cut out sugar? All of these filters are available on the website to alert you to allergens or dietary restrictions  within each recipe. This filter is located in the left column.
  • Over a dozen special menus for occasions and events. From birthdays, to holidays, to making any night of the week special – we have a menu for you and your loved ones to enjoy a perfectly paleo meal.
  • A hand-picked 30 day “Intro to Paleo” meal plan, in which we guide you through some of our best Paleo recipes that can help you or your friends get going quickly and easily. The 30 day Intro to Paleo meal plan also includes 4 weeks of shopping lists so that trips to the grocery store are no mystery.
  • A 21 Day “Sugar Detox” meal plan that will help you tackle Diane Sanfilippo’s 21 Day Sugar Detox with ease. Everything is planned out for you – all you have to do is click.
  • Each recipe has its own macronutrient breakdown, as well as a calorie calculation. We know not everyone is concerned with these numbers (nor should they be), but they are a mouse-click away for those that wish to know and are trying to dial things in, nutritionally speaking.
  • Expanded “About Paleo” resources. We tell you everything you need to know to get started if you’re new to paleo. From how to select the best meats, to buying produce in season, to explanations about the best fats to use – it’s all available in our “About Paleo” section.
  • Ye old virtual store. We have links to buy all of our favorite things: our book (and books we recommend), our shirts, ingredients, cooking utensils, camera gear that we use – you name it. We have one place to find it all.
  • Resources out the wazoo. If you run out of ideas and inspiration on our site, we have a comprehensive list of links to the very best resources on the net. If you’re new to paleo, this will help you along your way. We have gathered the best sites for Health and Nutrition, Recipes, Lifestyle, Fitness, and even Podcasts.

But wait, we’re just getting started.

Here are some features we have in the works:

  • Interactive Meal and Menu Planner
  • User generated shopping lists and ingredient sourcing
  • Online collaboration with other members
  • Supporting membership opportunities


We are excited to share all of our hard work (and our team’s hard work) with you. Please take a moment to look around the site and give us some feedback on the new format. You can do that on the contact page, drop us a line to [email protected], or simply comment on this post below. We’d love to hear what you think, because this site is for you guys. We want it to be as useful and helpful to you as possible – your comments will help us get it there. Please keep in mind this is a new (and very large) website. We are counting on you guys to help us catch bugs and report any errors you see.  If you come across a glitch, please report it here.


And now, the really fun part: A BIG giveaway!

The giveaway has closed, as of 3/12/12 – Thank you to all who entered


Here is what is up for grabs in our biggest giveaway ever, with the prize package totaling over $1000!
  • Le Creuset 5.5 qt French Oven ($265)
  • Le Creuset Roasting Pan ($250)
  • 12.5″ Le Creuset Stainless Frying Pan ($140)
  • $100 US Wellness Meats Gift Card
  • Diane Sanfilippo’s book “Practical Paleo – A customized approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle” (winner will receive book late Summer 2012, $40 value)
  • Nom Nom Paleo Pack: An app code to her forthcoming recipe app, a pair of NNP socks, and your choice of shirt from her spreadshirt store! ($50 value)
  • 1L Kasandrinos Olive Oil ($30 value)
  • Steve’s Original Seasonal Sampler, Steve’s Original Sampler, + $50 gift card ($115 value)
  • A 1-year subscription to Chris Kresser’s Meal Plan Generator ($120 value)
Here’s how to enter:
  1. Register for this site (it’s in the top navigation, at the far right). It’s free, and takes 5 seconds.
  2. Share this contest with your friends. The sharing buttons appear if you are in the post itself, so click the title of the post to view the sharing icons.
  3. Like the pages that have contributed to this giveaway (including ours):
The Fine Print: Contest will end at 3:00pm EST, March 12, 2012. Winner will be drawn at random from registered site users. Contest is open to anyone, but if selected giveaway winner resides outside of the US, the prizes awarded will be shipped at the discretion of the donor companies & entities. Remaining prizes will be awarded to a runner up, to be drawn at random. Good luck, everyone!
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      I’m registered and ready to win!

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