The Paleo Kitchen releases today! (Actually, yesterday)

Hey friends, Today is a special day because our dear friends Juli and George get to finally share The Paleo Kitchen (their brand new Paleo cookbook) with the world. Okay, so yesterday was the special day, and we are awful friends for not getting this post up yesterday, but today can be special too. We’ve been excitedly waiting for this book to come out, because we know it’s going to help a lot of people discover Paleo and eat really, really well. About three months ago, just before it went to print, George and Juli approached us to write the foreword – and OF COURSE we said yes, well Bill said yes. I said “umm, they want US to write it, why????”  Needless to say we were pretty shocked, and honored. We were floored when we saw the full preview of the book! So we were thinking that we would share what we wrote for Juli and George today on the blog. The Paleo Kitchen Cookbook - Juli Bauer George Bryant



We fell in love with George and Juli from our first introduction to them, and yes we say “fell in love,” because that’s what happens to everyone who meets George and Juli. They fall in love with them. There is a reason their blogs have soared to the top of the Paleo community, and that is because these two charismatic individuals have gotten into every one of their followers’ hearts. Of course a part of that could be attributed to their fabulous recipes, but it’s also their humor and compassion for others that make them so darn like-able. They are a Paleo cooking dream team; a powerhouse of delicious recipes, laughter, fun, play, and love. You can’t help but smile when these two are in the room, and you will be sure to walk away with a sore stomach from laughing, if you have the chance to see them cook together.

We’ve been fortunate enough to watch George and Juli grow in the Paleo community from the time they started their blogs, to becoming immensely famous bloggers, to now writing a cookbook together. If they were to each have written cookbooks on their own, naturally the community would have been enthralled at the prospect of each in its own right. But how lucky are we, that two of the brightest minds in Paleo teamed up to write one massive, incredibly beautiful, and well thought out cookbook? Very lucky, indeed! When they told us they were writing this book, we thought it was absolutely brilliant, and we knew it would be a hit. From our first glance at the recipes, that assumption was completely correct. The inventive and unique recipes are accompanied by beautiful, drool-worthy photos. We even had a chance to taste some of the recipes from this book firsthand, cooked by George and Juli themselves! We can say without reservation that the recipes will knock your socks off, so make sure you are barefoot when you eat the food from this book.

The Paleo Kitchen includes the perfect balance of recipes to help anyone start their own health journey, as well as show them that Paleo cooking can be quite delicious, and fun! This book contains all the tools you need to get started on the Paleo diet, without boring the Paleo veterans. Beyond all the information and delicious recipes, the look and feel of this book will delight your senses. They say we “eat with our eyes” first. Put into terms most Paleo advocates will appreciate, we also know that digestion truly starts with salivation. If these photos cause you to salivate, which they definitely will, then it could be hypothesized that cooking from this book will also promote good digestion! George and Juli have outdone themselves with The Paleo Kitchen. This book has it all: great recipes, practical guides, and tons of useful information, all presented in the fun and approachable style their regular blog readers might expect. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for new Paleo recipe ideas, you will find what you’re looking for in The Paleo Kitchen. 



We highly recommend you buy their book, because then you can read our foreword over and over and over again. Okay, that’s just weird. You should really get the book so you can cook all of the AWESOME recipes! We had the pleasure of enjoying some of the recipes from the book this fall, and our favorite was the Bacon Lime Sweet Potato Salad. It is SO SO good. Make it immediately! More exciting news is that Juli and George are starting the release week with a book tour! Check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts to see where they are, so you can get a signed copy! Or visit PaleOMG and Civilized Caveman for even more details. Happy release week Juli and George! We love you!! 

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PS: If you’d like to see the full antics of their week in Pittsburgh with us last fall when they shot their promo video, check out THIS POST with more shenanigans than most people can handle in one sitting.

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