Holiday Sale – 25% off the 30 Day Intro to Paleo eBook and bargain priced shirts!

The holiday season is notoriously a time of indulgence. Out come the pies, the cookies, the cakes, the candies, the… well, you get the picture. And to make matters worse, there is no shortage of people encouraging you to “lighten up, because the holidays only come once a year.” While we are certainly all for enjoying life and making Paleo more of a lifestyle than a diet, we also KNOW that the holidays can undo months of hard work in short order.

Our plan for the holidays this year is like any other: enjoy the meals on the days they are intended, and eat our usual clean version of Paleo every other day. We don’t go off the reservation on Thanksgiving or Christmas (or any other holiday parties), either.

So, for THIS WEEKEND ONLY, we are offering our 30 Day Intro to Paleo ebook for just $11.25 (that’s 25% off the normal price).

Included in the 149 page eBook, you will find:

  • A full 30 Day meal plan (breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas for 30 days), broken down week by week
  • Shopping lists for each week, including a handy list of basics & essentials
  • Detailed explanations about which foods to eat and why you should eat them
  • Nearly 100 recipes which are referenced in the meal plan (also at your fingertips in our cookbook, Make it Paleo)
  • Weekly coaching sheets which help you plan ahead meals, explore the science via links to online articles, and even videos to show you how to cook certain dishes or explain advanced concepts.
  • And the best part is, it all works as a cohesive package to help you through that first critical month!

So after you buy the eBook (or you may already have it, who knows), we’ll all synchronize our watches to start on Monday. That way everyone can enjoy their leftovers for the weekend.

So are you in? 

Buy the 30 Day Intro to Paleo

Here’s something that ALWAYS on sale: our 450 page cookbook Make it Paleo.

Paleo Cookbook
Transitioning from conventional foods to a grain free Paleo lifestyle can be a daunting proposition to most people. We show you how easy it is to take any dish and Make it Paleo! Whether you love French cooking, Chinese food, or good old fashioned home style dishes, we have it covered in this book. Make it Paleo is brimming with over 200 mouth watering recipes, each one accompanied by vibrant photos and thoughtful notes to help you recreate each dish with ease. Beyond its wealth of recipes, Make it Paleo touches on fundamental cooking techniques, tips for selecting the best ingredients, and a variety of menus for holidays and special occasions. In this book you’ll find meals that anyone will enjoy, whether they follow a grain free lifestyle or not. We show how to make cooking gourmet Paleo meals a carefree affair for everyone, from a kitchen rookie to a seasoned chef.

make it paleo recipes

  • 215  mouth-watering recipes
  • Over 500 color photos throughout the book, accompanying each recipe
  • Foreword by Mark Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint
  • Recipes for Breakfast, Appetizers, Entrees, Side Dishes, Salads, Soups,
  • Sauces and Dressings, and of course – Treats and Cheats
  • Inspired menus for any special occasion
  • Paleo diet basics
  • Basic cooking tips
  • Stocking a paleo kitchen
  • Guidelines for choosing the best ingredients

 Buy the book now on Amazon.com

Also on sale this weekend are all of our shirts!

To make things simple, EVERY ITEM has been marked down $3!

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