Gingersnap Ice Cream – flavor collaboration with Millie’s!


Happy Monday!


We have some exciting news today, especially for anyone who lives near our home town of Pittsburgh. Later this week, we’re debuting the world’s first Primal Palate Ice Cream flavor! We were approached by our favorite ice cream shop in town, Millie’s, to do a special winter flavor for their scoop shops, and of course we were THRILLED to partner with them. We’ve been big fans of Millie’s for years now – anyone who follows us on Instagram knows that many evenings out on the town end at Millie’s for us. So a few weeks ago, after a special birthday dinner (for me), we capped off the night with a few scoops at Millie’s Shadyside location, their original shop. The next day, we received a message from Chad – the founder of Millie’s – asking us if we’d like to team up for a special flavor.


Photo by Adam Milliron (who also helped us shoot the cover for Gather!)



Right away, we knew which flavor we thought would be perfect for winter: Gingersnap! We pictured a gingersnap-spiced ice cream with chunks of gluten-free gingersnap cookies in it. So we dropped off a few bottles of our Sweet Pack flavors at Millie’s and anxiously awaited word from Chad. As it turns out, he had exactly the same idea for the flavor! The result is the most delicious ice cream we’ve EVER had!



Primal Palate’s Gingersnap ice cream debuts in Millie’s scoop shop locations (Shadyside and Market Square in Pittsburgh, PA) on Thursday, December 21st. We’re going to hang out and celebrate the release from 7-9pm at the Shadyside location on release day, so if you are in the area, come by and enjoy a few scoops with us! They are also releasing several other amazing flavors (which we got to try!) so save room for those too.


Special Release Event

Where: Millie’s Shadyside location




When: Thursday, Dec 21, 7-9 pm


Hope to see you guys on the 21st!

-Bill & Hayley

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