Garden Green Beans with Truffle Salt

This week we are busy trying to organize our lives before we head off to Los Angeles for the CrossFit games. Last summer we took our first trip on an airplane together as a couple en route to LA for the Ancestral Health Symposium. We had an amazing visit while we were there. We spent hours at the Santa Monica Farmers Market, then more time exploring The Grove and picking up some gourmet goodies from (Monsieur) Marcels. We met some amazing new friends, and ate at fantastic restaurants. We even climbed all the way up to the Hollywood sign!

We ended our trip cooking for a few of our favorite people. This meal was simple but delicious (a typical Bill and Hayley meal). We grilled grass-fed sliders, baked chicken thighs, whipped up some guacamole, and steamed green beans served with grass-fed butter and truffle salt. Burgers, chicken thighs, and guac’ are things we have on regular rotation around our house, but there is something about truffle salt that takes me right back to LA. The aroma brings back such wonderful memories of our entire trip, and I feel as though I’m there again every time I taste it.

In celebration of our second LA trip coming up, we decided to have this dish again, this time with fresh green beans from our own garden, and with homemade ghee. We served the green beans with a simply grilled delmonico steak. The meal was wonderful! We can’t wait to see what memories this year’s trip will bring.

Garden Green Beans with Truffle Salt

Serves: 4

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  1. Place a vegetable steamer into a large soup pot, and fill the bottom of the pot with water.
  2. Remove the stem end of the green beans, and rinse under cool water.
  3. After green beans are cleaned and prepared for steaming, place into the steamer basket.
  4. Cover beans, and stem over medium heat for 20 minutes, or until beans are fork tender.
  5. Remove from pot, toss with ghee and truffle salt, and serve.
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