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We have a very special treat today, and would like to introduce you to Nicole and Matthew Knegt of Four Spoons Gluten Free! These two have an amazing story of following their passion (just like us, actually)! From humble beginnings as a gluten-free micro-bakery vendor at a farmers market in 2012, Nicole and Matthew have grown Four Spoons with the creation of their fabulous gluten-free baking blog. Their goal is to bring happiness back to eating for people that need to follow a gluten-free diet. One look at their bubbly and fresh YouTube channel would show you it is quite clear that they are succeeding at that goal.

Here’s more about how they started Four Spoons:

“In the spring of 2012 Matthew and Nicole Knegt founded Four Spoons Bakery, a micro bakery specializing in gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and nut-free goods.  While walking through their local farmers market one day, they had noticed that there was not a single gluten-free bakery (out of 100+ vendors). So, they set-up shop at the market every Saturday and Wednesday, which was literally a 10×10 tent. Braving the cold, parking lot sleepovers and rain, Matthew and Nicole slowly began to develop their micro bakery.


Initially they sold only a few items, including muffins, flat bread, pizza crust, and pre-made mixes.  As the season moved forward and sales continued, Matthew and Nicole realized that they were on to something. Spurred on by numerous allergies and a sensitivity to gluten, yeast, and sugar, Nicole continued to experiment with new and innovative recipes, while Matthew developed their website and continued to build relationships with customers and suppliers. The second season brought new customers, new stories, and lots of smiles. For parents, it was great to be able to purchase a healthy and safe snack for their child. For newly diagnosed celiacs, they could now enjoy a snack while walking through the market. For others with various food allergies or diets, they had found food they could eat without fear of a reaction. It was seeing this positive impact that planted the first seeds of what you are reading today…seeds of being able to share good quality recipes and resources with a broad and even world-wide audience.”


When we first found Nicole and Matthew, we were drawn in by their gorgeous and lively cooking videos. And I (Bill) was even a bit jealous…. I mean, they had JUST gotten a video shared on Jamie O’s Food Tube (A dream of mine!) This duo is certainly on the rise in the Paleo/Gluten-free community, and it is our extreme pleasure to introduce you all to them today. They just received a copy of Make It Paleo 2, and wanted to share the Pork Dumplings recipe with you. Since they are nut-free, they subbed coconut flour for almond flour in the wrapper dough recipe, but it looks like it turned out just awesome! Nicole clearly knows a few things about gluten-free baking!

>> Read their FULL REVIEW of Make It Paleo 2 HERE. <<

You can follow Four Spoons on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Or visit their website here. Thanks for sharing this amazing review, Nicole and Matthew!

You can snag a copy (or two) of Make It Paleo 2 in stores everywhere, and get your hands on this amazing recipe! MIP2 is available everywhere books are sold, and for a limited time, you can pick up a copy at a GIGANTIC discount at your local Costco store in the US and english-speaking clubs in Canada too.

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Cheers, we love you guys! Thanks for your support!

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