Book Review: Against All Grain

Danielle’s sandwich bread wasn’t the only recipe we tried from Against All Grain. Every other recipe we have tried as been awesome! And lucky us-we got to taste some of Danielle’s granola that she brought to Paleo FX. It was quite tasty! And now the full book review from Jamison! -Hayley and Bill >>>

If you’re like me, when when you found out that you’d have to give up bread as part of the Paleo diet you nearly died. I know I cried myself to sleep a few times, lying awake thinking of loaves of sandwich bread. There’s something familiar about a PB&J, or better yet, a sandwich piled high with sliced roast turkey, topped with garden fresh tomatoes and lettuce. But what happens once the bread is gone? A sandwich isn’t a sandwich without the bread. Paleo Sandwich Bread

Thankfully Danielle Walker’s new book, Against All Grain comes to us bread lover’s rescue with an easy and tasty recipe for her World-Famous Sandwich Bread. Made from cashew butter and coconut flour, this recipe took only 20 minutes to make and yielded a grain-free, yeast-free and dairy-free sandwich bread that’s allowed me to enjoy toast for breakfast and turkey sandwiches for lunch all over again!
Paleo Sandwich Bread
While the recipe does make it clear, I also want to emphasize the importance of beating the egg whites separately. This important step will produce a lighter and fluffier loaf of bread. It’s also important to make sure you purchase unsweetened Cashew Butter. This bread is great alongside a breakfast of eggs and bacon, toasted and topped with apple butter or your favorite jam.
Paleo Bread for Toast
Ready to make some bread? Get the recipe here. While you’re at it, pick up a copy of Danielle’s new book on Amazon.


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    1. sdw3355
      November 2, 2013

      I am looking for a good bread recipe because I have Celiac. I’ve been really sick and I have gluten free for about 2 months. Good bread recipes are essential for those who are learning what they can and can’t eat. The internet is filled with sites that say, try this or try that, but bread is the number one thing I miss. I will be giving this a whirl.

      1. November 10, 2013

        I’ve made this recipe a few times since posting the review on our site. There’s also a great bread recipe in Gather I’d recommend to you as well. Happy baking!

    2. journeywoman
      June 5, 2016


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