Paleo Fx 2012 – Video Recap

Hi Folks. As many of you already know, we spent the last week down in Austin, TX for the Paleo Fx symposium. We had a wonderful time with our friends (and paleo family), and were sad to see it all come to an end on Sunday. We had our cameras rolling the entire time, and captured quite a bit of footage. We’ve compiled a video of all the fun things we did and saw during our time in Austin. Enjoy!

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    1. March 24, 2012

      That was pretty cool. Makes me so want to go to one of these events some day. I would really like to experience the feeling of being around like-minded people. Laura from Ancestralize Me wrote about how empowering it is to be among friends since the conference, and your video really makes it come alive even more. I can only imagine how great it must feel to be around people who share similar values, rather than the constant daily resistance we get from friends/co-workers, etc. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

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