Gather – Introducing the Official Cover!

Hayley and I have been working on Gather for over a year now (and in earnest for about 6 months). It has been a project of epic proportions, and if we have neglected this blog in any way, we are so sorry! But trust us when we say: it will all be worth it when this book releases! We think you guys are going to love it. Before starting on Gather, we read through every single review of Make it Paleo on Amazon, and took into consideration the thoughtful feedback we received. We want this book to be the best it can be for you, so we spent countless hours thinking about how to make it so.

Last week, we were shooting a holiday-themed dinner for the book at a friend’s house nearby. Leading into the fall season, Hayley and I had discussed the possibility of shooting a new cover photo with one another and agreed that it would be worthwhile to attempt. While we had several ideas about achieving this shot, it wasn’t until we received our beloved coffee table back from its facelift that we knew exactly how the shot was going to play out. Reclaimed Things, a small Pittsburgh-based company our friends own, takes reclaimed wood and makes furniture out of it. We had an old coffee table at our house that really needed some love, so we handed it over to them and basically said “do you best.”  What came back to us was amazing: a new top made with old rough-cut boards from a mechanic’s garage, a drawer pull from an old card catalogue, and a freshly painted and distressed bottom. No one knows it is the same old table until we tell them.

Reclaimed Wood Table

The beautiful rough cut top was perfect for the rustic nature of the shot. We wanted the cover to express our approach to cooking: refined flavor and style, yet rustic and approachable. We think this cover exemplifies our style  beautifully. You’ll have to wait for your copy of the book to get the recipes, but rest assured everything you see in this photo will be included.

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Gather Cover - Full

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    1. December 6, 2012

      oooh I love the makeover your table received, that is just gorgeous! I would love to replace my old ugly one with something like that. One day! The book is looking amazing too. I’m very attracted to the sweet potato thing happening in the middle.

    2. GLC1968
      December 6, 2012

      Beautiful! Both the book cover and the table. 😉

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