Featured Contributor Spotlight: Josh Weissman of Slim Palate

Today, we’re thrilled to feature a few recipes from the ever-talented Josh Weissman. We’ve been fans of his work ever since he hit the Paleo scene like a ton of bricks in late 2012. Josh quickly became a notable figure in the Paleo world not only for his amazing 100+ lb weight loss story, but also for his insanely beautiful and delicious recipes. Oh, and did we mention he started his blog when he was just 16?!

We had a chance to chat with Josh at Paleo Fx this past spring, and he was kind enough to oblige and let us sling a few questions his way.

Josh has a great new Paleo cookbook out called the Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook (#SPPCookbook on twitter and instagram). If you’re swimming in a sea of Paleo cookbooks right now, know this: the SPP Cookbook is critically acclaimed by none other than Michael Ruhlman, who lists it as one of his favorite new cookbooks. To quote Ruhlman,

 I find (Josh) so inspirational. Here is a kid who transformed his life by cooking (and then by writing about it). He was a bullied fatso reliant on junky food, who turned his life around by eating carefully, and thoughtfully.”

You can visit Josh’s site, SlimPalate.com to see his incredible transformation story. It’s pretty inspirational. So anyway, back to the food. This past Easter, which seems like ages ago, we cooked Josh’s Rosemary and Coriander Crusted Rack of Lamb. We love cooking lamb chops, and his recipe seemed like a perfect fit for the spring holiday, so we gave it a shot. (You can get the full recipe in his cookbook, The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook, which we highly recommend!)

Slim Palate Paleo Lamb Chops-1

First, you’re going to mill your spices. We use our fun little “mini chop” – a sort of miniature food processor. (Available in our store!)
Slim Palate Paleo Lamb Chops-3

Now, the recipe calls to sear the rack of lamb (singular) in a cast iron skillet. We had three, so I opted to give them a sear on the grill instead for the sake of saving time (and dishes).
Slim Palate Paleo Lamb Chops-4

Besides being efficient, I just love grilling things. I’ll grill just about anything. We were at my (Bill’s) parent’s place for Easter, so I’m using their grill in this picture – but we both have Weber propane grills. They have the Genesis model (an older one), and I have the Spirit. As far as propane grills go, these are really nice because they get very hot, have even heat, and seem to be made REALLY well. I think they’ve had theirs for over 20 years. I hope to have ours that long too!


Slim Palate Paleo Lamb Chops-5

It’s hard not to smile when you’re grilling lamb chops. Honestly.


Slim Palate Paleo Lamb Chops-6

I seared the top and bottom of the chops, then turned them on their “butts” to sear that side too.


Slim Palate Paleo Lamb Chops-7

Now, we put the herbs on the lamb AFTER their adventure on the grill. If you follow the recipe as written, you’ll put the mustard and spices on the lamb before going into the screaming hot cast iron pan. I was afraid the herbs would burn on the lamb, given the 500-600 F heat.


Slim Palate Paleo Lamb Chops-8

Since we had 3 racks to prepare, we transferred them to a roasting pan (instead of leaving them in the cast iron skillet). This seemed to work out just fine, though I’m betting you develop some pretty amazing flavors if all of the searing and cooking action happens in the same pan (as it is in the recipe).


Slim Palate Paleo Lamb Chops-9

Here is the finished product! Ton’s of flavor, and a perfect medium rare color.

Slim Palate Paleo Lamb Chops-12

We paired the lamb chops with roasted asparagus and a white sweet potato dish, as well as a poached pear salad (from our second cookbook, Gather). If you want the recipe, we highly recommend that you pick up a copy. You can get them at Barnes & Noble and also on Amazon.

Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook


If you live in the Bay Area or Southern California, Josh is doing two book signing events later this month which you should check out .

July 19 – San Francisco
Book Passage in the Ferry Building, 12:30 pm

July 25 – Los Angeles
Pages A Bookstore, 7:00 pm


We’re thrilled to share several of Josh’s amazing recipes on our site for his Featured Contributor Spotlight. He joins this ever-growing list of featured contributors. See ALL of our fabulous contributors on our Recipe Contributors Page.

Paleo bibimbap

Bibimbap by Slim Palate


Cauliflower with Hazelnuts and pomegranate

Seared Cauliflower with Hazelnuts and Pomegranate by Slim Palate


Paleo double chocolate coffee cake

Salted Caramel Drenched Coffee-Double Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel by Slim Palate


Paleo Spiced Nuts

Honey Masala Chai Roasted Nuts by Slim Palate


Paleo marshmallows

Vanilla Bean Coffee Marshmallows by Slim Palate


Thanks for sharing your recipes and passion with us Josh! We’re so excited about your new book, and can’t wait to see what you tackle next! And of course, visit www.SlimPalate.com to follow Josh!


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      July 22, 2014

      I am going to need two copies of this cookbook.. one to use in the kitchen and one just to drool over. holy cow! Josh’s inspiring story is just a huge plus! 😉

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