Eat Like a Dinosaur Review by Brooke

We want to send a HUGE thank you out to my cousin Brooke for taking the time to review another Paleo book. Brooke and I read Eat Like a Dinosaur together, and then she read it again a few times on her own. After we read the story together, we then looked at all the delicious recipes in the book, and we were both drooling over them!

Brooke really loved the story in Eat Like a Dinosaur. She immediately made a connection to the characters in the story, and understood the underlying message. Bill and I got the chance to test out one of the recipes from Eat Like a Dinosaur before the book was released. To view our review of the book and that recipe, click here.

And now, for my unbelievably precious cousin Brooke with her unrehearsed review! Thanks Brookie!! We love you!

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